Friday, February 13, 2015

St. Lucia (aka sea day) – February 12, 2015

After such an amazing dinner last night with great friends and well a bit too much food and wine we wake with a bit of a thick head and still a full tummy. 

We are not sure what to do today.  One thing about St. Lucia is it is hilly and roads are up and down and up and down.  The last time we did a tour here I got car sick.  I have been a lot better lately and normally I take something but today with all of the stuff in my tummy from last night I am taking no chances.   

So when we wake to the sounds of the announcement that we are clear to go ashore around 7:15 Bernie dresses and heads downstairs to get our coffees.  There is no need for food.

The ship is quiet except there is the crew emergency drill happening.  This is an exercise that Princess takes seriously.  All crew need to participate (except for a few that are exempt to deal with passengers).  The drill is a mock fire in the laundry today and lifeboats are ready and fire crew are in place.  After the drill the crew meet to have a debrief.  So if you are on board while these drills are happening just be aware that there will be announcements for the crew only.  You will see crew walking around with their life jackets and you may have a bit longer wait for services.

Finally there is a speed Sudoku Challenge which is really the only thing I am good at.  So I go and there are only four of us participating.  But I am proud to say I won.  Prizes for everyone – everyone got a mini key chain flash light and I also got a water bottle.  So far I have four new water bottles. 

I meet up with Bernie on the outside Promenade Deck where we read for a while and watch the goings and comings in St. Lucia.  We have decided to stay on board.

We finally are getting some pangs of hunger at 1 pm.  We decide to just head up to the Horizon Court for a bite.  I love this buffet, I know I am repeating myself but the selection is phenomenal.  Always easy to find a place to sit too.  I think the only downfall would be someone with mobility issues (although they have crew that can help you) cause the food is really spread out and you spend time checking out what is available first and then going to the areas and food you want.

In the Pastry Shop today they have a chocolate fondue going with fruit and cream puffs and cake for dipping.  Wow… I am happy!

The ship is quiet, all aboard is 3:30 today.  We need a nap and after that restful nap we watch the movie “The Hundred Foot Journey”.  Which we loved.  While sipping some wine and enjoying the chocolate bon bons that were delivered to the cabin. 

Valentine’s Day is coming up and the ship is offering lots of treats to show your love.  Chocolates and flowers are selling fast and furious in the Celebrations Store on deck 5.  They have the Ultimate Balcony Breakfast.  Also we saw them advertising two glasses of Mimosas along with four special chocolate covered strawberries.  Of course the jewelry stores are a great option.  For us I got my lovely charm.  We don’t really care for the official Valentine’s Day celebration, we show our love every day.  This cruise is our present to each other. 

We do have a lot of treats for the crew to celebrate though on that day. We will hand them out that day.

Tonight we are dressed early and head down to Vines where Frankie and Ryan (and Allen is there too) welcome us.  We are happy to see Jennifer is back on her feet after a few days off dealing with an injury.  We take a seat and I order one of the bottles of wine from the Super Tuscan Wine Tasting, while Bernie finishes off the bottle we ordered the other day.  One thing this voyage we have really tried lots of new wines.

Dinner is back in the dining room tonight and we are welcomed by Daniel and Inna with big hugs.  It has been three days since we have dined here and they missed us too. 

Tonight I start with a Carpaccio of beef and then the black bean soup then the fish for my entrée.  We share the Norman Love special dessert of white chocolate cheesecake.  We enjoy a bottle of Spellbound and again we chat about the day. 

We also chat about next year in January and where we want to travel to.  Bernie turns 60 next January and this calls for something special.  I tell him to pick something special and the options are huge.  But he has always wanted to go to Peru and visit Machu Picchu and many other areas.  I tell him we should do it while we can.  We discuss the idea of it and when we get home we will research more.  Sure we will miss cruising but there will always be a cruise on the horizon.

After dinner we wander around a bit checking things out.  But tonight we are excited to see the Tenors of Rock who are performing at 10:15.  We heard great things about them on the first leg (but we didn’t see them) so tonight it is a must.  We get seats right up front and the place is busy but there are still seats available.  I think the name is scaring some people off.

But oh my God… these guys are so amazing!  Their repertoire is full circle, from Les Miserables, to the Beattles, Kiss, Aerosmith to the Rolling Stones and so much more.  We are both singing and dancing in our seats.  I love it.  It is nice to have a musical presentation that makes me think of my college years!  Now I wish they were performing again cause I would love to see it again.

After leaving the theater we head into Club 6 Disco for buy one get one free (our first time getting a bogo special) and we sit and enjoy the tunes that DJ Shea is turning and we chat with two of the dancers (Bernie is happy) but they are lovely ladies, one from Australia and one from Britain. 
Back in the room around midnight – and surprisingly there were still quite a few people out and about the ship.

Added Notes:

It was Brazilian Dinner in Horizon Court.  Ye Olde Pub Night has two shows 7:15 and 9:30.  There was a Blackjack Tournament for $20 entry.  New Deal is playing 50s early in the evening and then their second set is Beatles vs Stones music.  We are really loving all the music on board.  Drink of the day was the Loco Coco which is Coconut Rum, Premium Pina Colada Mix.

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