Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bonaire – Sunday – Also SuperBowl Sunday

We are suffering from a bit of a headache!  Oh my!  Something tells me our plans that we originally had for Bonaire are going to change today. 

Originally we were going to head over to Klein Bonaire but we are having a hard time getting up and going.  We both are worried that the other is going to be disappointed today.  Okay how many other couples are like this?  I am worried Bernie wants to snorkel and will be sad, and he is worried I am going to miss out in snorkeling.  We finally sit and communicate and we find out neither of us is up for snorkeling and putting this clouded head under water.

After grabbing a bite to eat we dress and our camera and head ashore. 

a variety of means of transportation here
Water Taxi to Klein is right near the pier
This is what you will encounter when you go ashore.  New complex with shops.

We love Bonaire, it is an island they we often comment about coming back to spend more time at but it is so hard for us in Vancouver to get here.  The people are lovely and of course the sea life is everywhere.

Sipke and Dianir Stapert

The first thing we need to do is head to the small craft stalls that have been set up in town.  Two years ago I bought a lovely pendant and earing set here.  Sadly one of the earrings broke in half when I was not carefully and placed it among things that got compressed. 

I bought two sets of earrings and a new pendant.
I quickly find the stall and see they have a lot more items now.  We buy a  new set of earrings that will match the pendant and I buy another pendant and earring set in a different color too.  The couple that make and sell these items are Sipke and Dianir Stapert and they can be reached at  The Craft Market's website can be found here 

We decide to walk for a change to see some of the area.  We walk away from the downtown towards the airport.  We see lots of lovely homes, and the wildlife is so fun to spot too.  Bernie loves birds so he is like a kid pointing out birds and wildlife while I try to take photos of them.  At one point we had two green parrots following us swooping down in front of us for about a block. 

We end up at the beach resort/marina that we have been to before.  We sit in a lounge chair and watch the snorkelers and kayakers here. 

This island is a treasure cove of sea life.  You really don’t have to go far at all to experience great snorkeling.  Just walk into the water anywhere and you will see tons of stuff.  Part of me wishes we had our snorkel gear and swimsuits with us but still a little clouded from all the wine last night.

We walk out to the end of the point at this resort and I get a kick out of all the lizards and take pics of all of them.  I wish I could pick one up, yup I was that kind of kid wanting to pick up everything.

somebody's idea of a fence

It is a short stop at this port today cause it is a long distance to Grenada our stop tomorrow.  All aboard is 13:30 sailaway is 14:00. 

I will add the weather is beautiful, but it has been windy today.  Highs have been 27C/81F with high clouds, but no showers today.  And use caution cause that sun is misleading, and many are burned all over the ship.

Once back on board we head up to the Horizon Court for a bite to eat.  Today they have Indian and Asian themed items and I had his last sailing too and it is very good.  I loved many of the items and take note there are more standard food items in the Bistro section.  The Horizon Court never ceases to amaze me.  I love the selection and everything is hot that should be hot.  The staff are very attentive filling dishes and cleaning up.  The buffet stewards are always quick to see if you need a drink and clear a plate and I am blown away at how many are so friendly and happy and wishing us a good day.  I don’t think, no I know I could not be that happy at work.

Bernie is heading up to the pool deck and I head down to the Café to grab a blended latte.  I head out to the Promenade deck facing the pier and watch everyone coming back.  A lot of Princess tours were late but I am pleased to see how attentive the tour operators are.  They are all assisting the passengers getting off the boats.  One woman’s visor flew off into the water because of the high winds.  A tour operator got back in the boat, took her bathing suit cover off and jumped in the water by the pier to get the woman’s visor.  That is impressive.

The crew on the pier handing out cold towels and water are there until the very last guest comes back offering water/towels as they make their way to the gangway. 

Princess I notice all these extra touches and I appreciate it.
Today is SuperBowl but being Canadian and someone who is really not into football, or most sports for that matter I can’t report directly on how the festivities unfold.  Although I can report that there is a lot happening on board to celebrate the event.

The game is being televised on Movies Under the Stars, Princess Live, Vista Lounge, Club 6 and Churchills – seems like every venue!  The Promenade is decorated with balloons and football themed signs. 

The Patter is showing Tailgate Party at 5:30 at MUTS, Superbowl at 7:00.  Vista Lounge is going to have a Superbowl trivia and cheering competition.  There is going to be tailgate food at Trident Grill – wings, ribs etc.  There is a buy one get one free drink special at Mermaids Tail Bar too.  Something tells me the dining room is not going to be busy tonight.

But our plans aren’t in the dining room either.  Tonight we have reservation at the Crab Shack for 8 pm for five of us.  I have never done this and am looking forward to trying it. 
Lots of other things happening too.  Spot the Fake in Facets, These Guys (an Acapella Performance) in the Atrium, Princess Theater is showing What the World Needs Now 7:00, 8:15 and 10:15; Sing A Long with Kory Simon in Crooners; Piano Melodies with Nadia in Wheelhouse; Trevor Cole plays his steel pan in the Wheelhouse later tonight; Party Time with Neal Deal in the Piazza; Superbowl Dance Party with DJ Shea in Club 6. 

Today marks half way thru out trip… wow time flies but we still have lots more to do, so thanks for following and stay tuned.

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