Monday, February 9, 2015

At Sea Day – Pure Bliss with a Bit of Grumpy Thrown In

As you know from my earlier blog I did not sleep well cause of the mattress and the tossing and turning and my aches and pains.  So I was a little grumpy and needed some space, which isn’t always easy to do on a cruise ship.

Bernie is dealing with the mattress issue with our steward.  They are going to look at adding padding and/or possibly changing the mattress.  I miss our old room, or at least its mattress.

So I head down to the Piazza to enjoy my latte (with a cool Princess Seawitch created in the foam by Ryan).  I write my blog and read for a while before heading back to the cabin.

When I arrive in the cabin there is a surprise for me.  Bernie bought me my early Valentine’s present a 50th Anniversary Princess charm for my Pandora bracelet.  It helped that I led him into the shop and pointed it out and said that is the one I want.  But hey I have the best husband in the world. To see more Princess 50th Anniversary items click here.

Lunch is up in the Horizon Court with the sushi buffet (but there are tons of other options if you are not into sushi).  We sit with Jim and Lynne and catch up on what they have been up to.

I should add that they had the Wine Tasting today at 11:15 today (this is the one that you get to go to with your elite status and costs $9.50 per person if you are not elite).  But we missed it again, sadly we did not make it to any of these wine tastings this voyage.  We tried but with too much wine consumption last night and little sleep we are just not up to it.

The weather is nice, not too hot, muggy and very windy.  Seas have been affected by this wind too and we do notice some light movement on board that continues most of the day and into the evening.

So it is after lunch and we are both in the cabin, we watch a great movie called One Good Lie.  We are so tired and we need a nap.  When I wake I am feeling a lot better and the bed has an added pad on it and it is a bit better.

We head to the Elite Lounge to meet up with friends and we run into Alice and meet her friends who she has talked about for a long time.  After a lot of laughs we decide to head in to see the comedian Phil Tag.  When his show starts we laugh a lot (we have seen him before but he had a lot of new material) and it was good to laugh. 

When the show ends it is hard to get out of the theater.  I am shocked to see people lining the corridors on both sides and near the elevators and into the hallways.  This is crazy!

The show doesn’t start for another half hour!  There is lots of room in the theater.  What is worse is it is hard to clear the theater because of all these people.  Sorry I just don’t get it.  My advice, take a seat somewhere and wait for the crowds to exit then head in and grab a seat. 

It is time for dinner and we walk into the Symphony Dining room.  We take a seat at our table.  Daniel and Inna welcome us and open up our champagne for us as we raise our glasses to toast another great day.  We love dining just the two of us most night.  It is time for us to reconnect and talk and share and feel the love… sounds like an Elton John song.

The dining room is not as crazy as it was yesterday but Daniel’s section is busy but things seems to be better spread out in the dining room. 

We had a great meal.  The food on board has been fabulous.  I love the variety and quality.  Sure sometimes things are not always to my liking but hey even at home I make things that are not always to my liking. 

We stroll out of the dining room, feeling good.  We run into Michael the Hotel General Manager who is out checking out things.  I am impressed cause I see him clearing some cups left on a table.  I comment “oh did you get demoted” and he smiles and says “it is teamwork”.  I think this is why this ships shines and the crew work so well together.  When you can have the big boss cleaning a table to help out you know you have someone who understands. 

Lots is happening around the ship.  Team Rootberry is performing their juggling act in the Atrium; MUTS is Guardians of the Galaxy; Treasure Quest Gameshow; Martini Demonstration; Karaoke; Ballroom Dancing with the Royal Showband in the Atrium (which I have to say in the Atrium is stunning to watch); The Yes/No Gameshow; and Rock and Roll Night in the Vista Lounge.

But we are wanting to check out the Into the Flow Fountains show.  But we head up in our bathing suits and sit in the Jacuzzi up on deck 17.  Now how cool is that, well actually hot.  We cuddle and watch the MUTS screen and the trivia and try to answer the questions.  When the fountain show starts we face the show and get sprayed with water from it.  It is fun!  I feel like a kid and I feel great. 

Life is Good.


  1. Would love to see a picture of the 50th anniversary charm when you post them when you get home. Thanks in advance.

    1. you can find pics on my Facebook page