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Antigua – February 13, 2015

We dock early (8 am) and I must be getting use to the docking feel cause I sleep right thru the thrusters pushing the ship against the dock.  But I wake in time to hear the announcement that we have received clearance to go ashore. 

Remember that even though we dock at 8 am the ship still needs to get clearance from the authorities before allowing people to go ashore.  Similar to when you arrive in a foreign country via a plane.  You need to clear customs for that country.  Now for most of these Caribbean ports clearance is quick and easy, but some people have been upset when they can’t get off right away.

I take my time getting ready, our plans are not till later.  In fact not until 10:30.  So I shower and lather on the sunscreen and bathing suit and all the gear that we need for a day at the beach.

We meet up with our friend Federico and we walk off and grab a taxi outside the pier area.  We are heading back to Fort James Beach and we specifically ask for Candy Land Restaurant cause the beach is right across from it.  The bar and facilities we use are those of Beach Bar Limerz. 

But as soon as the taxi pulls up in front of the restaurant we are shocked to see water on the road.  The waves are crashing high!  So high that they are taking parts of the beach.  Needless to say there were no lounge chairs on the beach where we laid out a few weeks ago.  So we take higher ground and sit in some chairs under an umbrella. 

Federico and Bernie head into the water but they are cautious, these are strong waves and a big undertow.  They don’t go in far but even these guys are falling.  I laugh my head off watching them. 

I go beside them to chat, we are only knee high in the water and while talking this wave comes in and crashes and the water flies up and smacks us all in the face.  Oh my we are laughing cause of it, it is like God said, “hey pay attention”.

you can see me n Federico's glasses

Picture Federico took with his Polaroid

We relax under the umbrella, we get a few showers and then the sun comes out, but we are great.  We are sipping our first rum punches (Bernie is smart he sticks to local beer).  It is lovely getting to catch up with Federico away from the ship.

A woman approaches who we met the last time we were here.  She is from Sweeden and is here for a few months to celebrate her retirement.  She recognized us and we are happy she came by.  She sits with us and we catch up.

We all head up to the restaurant/bar to get a meal and a second (then third) drink.  The restaurant is lovely and has wooden tables/chairs and it is all undercover.  The washrooms are clean and they also have free wifi. 

We each order a chicken curry Roti and we share a plate of fries.  Prices are reasonable and the food was good.

When we are ready to go the staff call us a taxi and Kenny (the driver) shows up and we head back to the pier ($4 per person).  Traffic is heavy cause of the rain but it is also a Friday afternoon.

short rain shower when we get back to the pier,
 but they have umbrellas for us if we need them

Once back at the pier we say goodbye to Federico who has desk hours in an hour and he needs to shower and get ready.  We wander over to the shops and peak inside and buy a few little things.  We really haven’t bought much of anything this voyage.

Back on the ship and we go thru the ritual of rinsing bathing suits, hanging them, drying beach ring, showering, moisturizing (that salt/sun is drying), cleaning sand from well everywhere, especially today.

After three rum punches I am in need of a nap desperately!  An hour and a half nap and I feel much better, but gee at my age you think I would know better!  NOT, but I did have fun.

So the day at the beach was not exactly as we had planned but it was better!  One thing we have learned thru all our travels is that things may not always work out the way we had them planned, but they still work out.

Tonight is our Captain Circle party.  There are three parties, tonight there is just one at 7:30 – 8:00 and two more tomorrow.  Of course if you can’t make the one you have been assigned just see the Captain Circle Host to see the dates/hours for another one and if it suits you better.

We take a seat right at the back of the venue.  We prefer to be in the back where we can sit and relax and have our drink and talk without disturbing others.

Captain Oliver is at the door shaking hands with everyone, we welcome him on board.  We get our drinks and enjoy the event.  Federico (Captain Circle Host) starts the evening, I am not sure where the Cruise Director Peter is, normally he does the introduction.  But Federico and Mathew (Future Cruise Consultant) do a great job.  The Captain talks for a bit and he is so funny, very personable too.  See even the Captain makes you feel like you are part of the Princess Family.

We head to the Symphony dining room for dinner.  It is Italian night and we finish off the wine from the other night (Spellbound).  The dining room for second seating is quieter tonight, I think all these port days are catching up with people.

you can find the Hot Latin Nights video here 

After dinner we are up on the top deck to enjoy the Hot Latin Nights.  The deck is all lit up and New Deal is playing.  DJ Shea is also spinning the tunes.  The dance floor is the water fountain stage which needs to be dried continually. 

I really enjoyed the evening.  Having participated in many an Island Deck Party and White Hot Deck Party I enjoy a change.  Bernie and I dance the night away up on deck 17 and don’t head back to the cabin until almost midnight.

We watch the Wake Show and we get a kick out of Toby/Shea and Peter discussing the lips we gave him.  I did video it and will put up here on the blog when I get 
home. You can find the Wake Show Video here.

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