Monday, February 2, 2015

Bonaire Evening - Crab Shack Dinner

Well we are not into the Superbowl but the activities are all about the ship and we feel the excitement and can’t help but be excited too. 

But we couldn’t get into any of the venues if we wanted too.  They are busy and it looks like people are having fun.

As we walk about the ship we hear before we see them…. These Guys (four guys who sing Acapella) are performing in the Piazza and they sound stunning.  Wow!  Wish we could stay and listen to the next performance but we have dinner reservations at the Crab Shack.

The Crab Shack is held at the Aft of the Horizon Court Port side.  The area is made to feel like a special venue, there is fishing netting dividing the sitting area with little lobsters in the net (we joked with them that they need crabs instead) and one Hostess takes one of the mini plastic lobsters down and winds it up and lets it go on our table.  What a laugh we all have.

The tables are covered with brown paper that have the Crab Shack logo on it.   We are given crayons (one yellow for me) and two pencils and encouraged to write all over it. 

The waiters are wonderful and very attentive we couldn’t of wanted for anything.  Glasses are filled instantly, bowls of shells are removed and replaced with empty ones, extra napkins instantly appeared, and even cookies are brought to us for dessert.  I should also do a shout out to Marko the Head Waiter who oversaw the whole operation and would appear at our table to see how things were going and make us feel comfortable. 

For the food we started with Hushpuppies (which I had never heard of) and fried shrimp.  I loved them both, especially the shrimp that were lightly battered and not greasy at all. 

Next course was the soup – a clam chowder that Bernie said was very good.  I don’t like clams so our waiter prepared a lovely salad for me. 

For the main event I had the King Crab Legs and shrimp basket.  Bernie had the Royal Basket which has everything, clams, mussels, crab legs, sausage, corn, and shrimp. 
They are HUGE and we attack it with both hands.  

Thankfully we have great tools to get into the crab.  I really enjoyed the meal, ate all the crab and some of the shrimp but left most of the shrimp there cause I just couldn’t eat it all.

the tools are so wicked that I swear
Bernie could pull some teeth with them

We don’t have any room for dessert, but we ask for some cookies and tea/coffee. 

I really can recommend the Crab Shack at least once during your voyage.  It is great value at $20 per person and the food is very good. 

If you want to see the menu for the Crab Shack I have posted it here.

I asked about the Fondue night and really want to try that.  I find out from the Head Waiter that they have only one Fondue night per 10 days cruise and three Crab Shacks.  So check your Patter for information.

After dinner we decided to head back to the cabin and watch a movie.  We watched the Grudge Match which was very funny and a great way to end the night.  But we can’t go to sleep when it is over cause the band is playing below us in the Wheelhouse and we can hear it clearly in our cabin.  The music was done by midnight though and we crashed soon after.


  1. Thanks very much Vickie and Bernie. We are Princess Platinum members but did not know about the Crab Shack and needed updates on the specialty restaurant prices and menus. We leave Wednesday, September 23 on the Crown Princess for the Sea of Cortez. Your blog has been very helpful.

    1. make sure that if you go to the Crown Grill you say hi to Mark. We love him and he will take great care of you.

  2. We are platinum members on Princess and are cruising to the Sea of Cortez on Wednesday, September 23 for 10 days. We did not know about the Crab Shack, and found your information on other topics very helpful. Thankd very much.

    1. that is great! we did the sea of cortez trip last year. It is one of our favorites. Especially La Paz and snorkeling with the whale sharks. They should have the crab shack on your sailing and they might even have the fondue night too if that is something you are in to? enjoy