Wednesday, January 31, 2018

2nd Sea Day

I wish I could come up with something exciting but we really did not do much.

We woke, we lathered on the sunscreen, got on our bathing suits and went up to the Sanctuary.  We had reserved a few days up here and today is one of them.  It is full today.  Every lounge and Cabana is spoken for.

wonder where this plane is going

The weather was perfect, lovely sunshine, not too hot either.  We did encounter a light shower but we were able to take shelter and enjoy our lunch and then when we were done with that we returned to our seats.

Cost for the Sanctuary is $20 for half day $40 for a full day for the lounge chairs. 

We felt guilty enjoying afternoon tea without Meghan but Bernie insisted he had to have an extra scone for Meghan since she is not on board anymore.

The day could not of been any better – I am sitting back in the cabin and I feel like jello – so relaxed.  Yup I will definitely come back new.

Again lots happening all over the ship today including:  lawn bowling, Zumba, Mah’ Jong, Bridge and Card Players, New Cruisers Welcome Event, Shopping Spotlight show (10 am), Pop Choir Rehearsal, Morning Movie is Beauty and the Beast, Holiday Store at Sea, Future Cruise Presentation, Bingo, Blackjack Tournament, Enrichment Lecture: Pirate Life, Art Auction, Origami, Pool Games and so much more.

Tonight is our first formal night. The Captain’s Welcome Aboard Party is at 7 pm.  Muts is showing Murder on the Orient Express, Tribond Trivia Challenge, Production Show Encore – 8:15 and 10:15, and Liar’s Club.  Plus much more.
Horizon Court theme is Mexican Corner plus lots more.
Photo Department is doing a photo finder raffle.

Tomorrow we dock in St. Thomas and right now our plans are to go to the beach.  So stay tuned.

Princess Cays – Surprise Sea Day

This morning we wake well rested.  I have been having trouble sleeping lately and last night was a well-earned sleep.

People have been asking me about my ankle.  Well I am happy to report it is doing very well.  Since I just got the air cast off two weeks ago. 

Initially it was not very strong after not really needing to use the muscles around the ankle much.  On the last cruise I tried to be good and suffered when I walked too much.  But as the cruise went along and I would swim and use the Enclave to exercise my foot it got stronger and stronger.  

I know I am doing better when I can now overtake people along the Promenade when just a short while ago people were overtaking me.  

Yesterday I logged over 15,000 steps and it was a little sore and swollen but feeling good.  I also can take the stairs more now without doing the hoppedy hop step.  I look forward to getting back to a normal life – but not too soon, I want to enjoy the vacation first.  Thanks to all who wrote kinds supportive messages, I really appreciate it.

The sun is streaming into the cabin.  There are a few clouds in the sky but they don’t look menacing.  Bernie comments that it looks a bit choppy with swells as we get closer and closer to Princess Cays.  He wonders if we will get to Princess Cays after all.

Well of course soon thereafter Captain Nash announces that they are assessing the situation to see if it is safe to operate the tenders.  About 10 minutes later the announcement comes on in the cabins that in fact the Captain and the Bridge Officers (trust me they do not make this decision lightly) have made the decision to cancel the stop in Princess Cays.  The swells are too high (1.5 meters) and keeping the ship in position and the loading and unloading of tenders in those conditions is just not safe.
I know there are many on board, and probably at home being arm chair Captains (with their “knowledge” or so called “knowledge”) but until you are as experienced and actually hold the responsibility of everyone on this ship you have no right to say anything.   Although I would of loved to have gone ashore at Princess Cays, I will still have a great day on board.

Also I am pretty sure that most on board respect the decision and will still have a great day.

We are still trying to get our mini bar changed out. It is impossible to get thru to bell box.  We have been on hold for 15 minutes two times before just hanging up.  I may ultimately just get our cabin steward to arrange it.  And later we leave a note for the steward and he takes care of switching out the mini bar.

One thing I again noticed in this new cabin is the shower curtain desperately needs changing.  I really notice the smell of mold as soon as I would go in the washroom I could smell it and I could not handle the smell for long.  My sinuses immediately start to flare up.  It was so bad that I had to take the shower curtain down and put in a bag to contain the smell.  

Ironically my husband does not smell a thing, but that sometimes happens, he smells things I don’t and I smell things he does not.  But mold is my thing and my allergies kick in and the last thing I want is to have to deal with an attack that usually takes days to settle down.  Our previous cabin also had an issue but it was nowhere near as bad and could manage it.  I don’t know how often they change out the shower curtains and wash them but it clearly is not often enough. 

We keep busy all day playing games – Suduko, came in second, music trivia – didn’t suck but didn’t win, lunch was in the horizon court.  Captain made a joke that there are a lot of hamburgers to eat up since stop in Princess Cays was cancelled. 

A new revised Patter is delivered to the cabins, but one thing with the Princess at Sea you can see an updated events schedule right away.

Back in the cabin after dinner and the cabin steward has taken care of everything.  He is good. 

Tonight we shower and change and then head to the Elite lounge – but it is busy.  There are definitely more seasoned cruisers on this voyage.

For dinner Bernie suggests Ocean Terrace and I agree.  We sit at the Bar and enjoy the lobster, tuna poke, and some sushi.  A very good meal and at a reasonable price.

Lots happening tonight and we partake in the Yes No Game Show.  Well I signed up, Bernie watched.  And I lasted this time!  Kimmy and Nathalie do a great job hosting this event.

After the game we make our way to the Princess Theater for Alfred and Seymour who are a comedy duo.  Their show is fast paced, funny and high energy – we liked it.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Day one of 2nd Leg.

We wake early, well it shouldn’t of been that early but I thought we moved the clocks forward and thought it was 8 am.  But in fact the clocks were moved BACK and it was really 6 am.

Well we are awake.  How many of you have done this?

We shower and then pull out the bags and our system is we put one bag on the bed for all the items in the main part of the cabin, including the drawers, side tables and the walls. 

One small roller goes in the bathroom for all the toiletries, and the other bag goes in the closet and all the items from the tall cabinet containing shorts/t-shirts and shoes goes in that bag.  All items on hangers stay on the hangers and are moved like that. 

The new cabin is not far and we will often move the stuff ourselves.  Of course they will move our stuff if we want but we are okay with doing it and it is easy because we are on the same deck. 

We make sure to have all the stuff in the closet by 8 am so our cabin steward can clean our room.  When we move to the new cabin we leave the stuff in the closet again until the room is completely ready.

Funny when I go to turn on my phone I can not connect to the Royal Princess wifi.  They shut it down, usually it is up for most of the morning.  Because of this I can not message our friends.  Not sure if this is a one off.

We received our envelope last night with our new cruise cards (note we booked each leg as separate bookings and get new cards for each leg, if you book as a 20 day cruise you may only have one card for the single leg).  Our scheduled meeting up time is 9:30 in the Princess Theater. 

Also we notice that Princess has a free shuttle to take us to Galleria Mall if we wish.  It will run each hour and operates all day.  What a great option! 

But our plans are to get some wash done, pack up, meet Meghan for breakfast, say goodbye to friends. We plan to head ashore prior to the 9:30 meet up time and walk to the stores and pick up a few items we require.  We also want to get pedicures and lunch ashore.

Right now I am sitting in the Atrium writing this blog and killing time. Something about knowing we are staying on that makes us feel GREAT!

I am not sure how many in transit guest there are.  But I bet there are a lot.

They are ahead of schedule for disembarkation by about a half hour and end up calling the last number at 9:10 and then shortly thereafter they call all in transit to head to the Princess Theater.  Instead we gather our stuff (passport, old and new cruise cards and wallets) and head ashore.

There is only one other ship in port – Celebrity Reflection who is at pier 18 so traffic is not horrible and the flow at the pier seems to be very fluid.

We walk over to Starbucks and then we head to get a pedicure.  Bernie and I are now presentable for flip flops!
It is just after 11 am when we start walking towards the Harbour Shops.  We notice there is now a new light for crossing 17th street right near the Starbucks.  Thank goodness.  It was needed, as prior you had to walk quite a distance to get to a crosswalk or you Jay walked.

I also see that the Sun Trolley is running.  I had been concerned that it had stopped as I had not seen it last time we were here earlier in the month and their website was down.  But I am happy to report that yes it is running.  

Check their website to learn more of where it goes.

We pick up our needed supplies at Publix (sunscreen was top of the list, we have been thru two tubes).  Total Wine is right next door and we pick up two bottles of bubbly.

For lunch we decide to try out a new restaurant that is to the far right of Publix if you are looking at the store, past Joe’s Diner.  It is called La Bamba (Mexican), it use to be a large sports bar.  Not sure when it opened.  It is good and reasonably priced, service was good, food not bad but there are much better Mexican Restaurants around.

We are back at the pier around 1:30 and we go thru security rather quickly and then we basically just walk right back on. 

We try to relax and sleep a bit but it is just too noisy with the embarkation day sounds – people in the hallways, baggage being delivered, doors slamming and then Muster Drill.

I give up and head up top to take some pictures while Muster Drill is happening.  I then meet up with Bernie in Vines for a glass of wine while we sail away.  Soon Alice our friend who got on board today joins us for a glass.  So nice to see her again (she is on for 20 days).

Dinner is simple for us tonight.  We head to Alfredos for a pizza and it hits the spot.  I tried the Bellinis at the Bellini bar (a bit too sweet for me).  Bernie and I try our luck at Celebrity heads trivia where they show the head shot of a celebrity with part of the face covered and you have to guess who it is.  Well we did okay but not great.

It is now 10 pm and we are exhausted.  We are back in the cabin and we crash.  It has been a long day and we are tired and need a good sleep.

Entertainment this voyage:  Comedy Variety Alfred and Seymour, Ventriloquist Kieran Powell, Comedy Magic Scott Alexander, Juggler David Aiken, Accapella Group The Alley Cats, Sweet Soul Music, Colors of the World and Encore. 
Movies featured:  Battle of the Sexes, Goodbye Christopher Robin, Murder on the Orient Express, Pirates of the Caribbean:  Dead Men Tell No Tales, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Victoria and Abdul, Wonder, Wonder Woman.

Internet Café is offering an embarkation Special.  Purchase an Internet Time Plan today and receive up to 40 additional minutes.  

Sea Day – The Last One on this Leg

We wake and the sunrise is so amazing.  I am really enjoying this wake view cabin.  We find it rather quiet and the wake sound is not overpowering like we have experienced on other ships.  The downfall with the aft cabins on the Royal/Regal are that they are tiered and ours is totally exposed to the elements.  Also the soot problem continues but has not been horrible as during the night the winds or the rain have kept it to a minimum.  I would definitely book it again.

Bernie is watching the movie Dunkurk in the cabin – oh we love this on demand tv system.

So much is going on today.  The Patter is packed!
I start with my latte and a quick walk thru the Outlet Sale.

Also the Culinary Demonstration and Galley Tour is happening and I pop in and it is well attended.  Silvio and Giovanni are hilarious.

I enjoy some time in Vines sipping my latte and getting my blog written and posted. 

Bernie is off to the Enclave and we agree to meet up for lunch and then we are back in the Sanctuary.

Of course plans always change.  We run into friends Todd and Sue and then Michael and Meghan show up and an hour later we are moving again.  One thing about being on a ship you tend to run into people all over.

We finally head up to the Sanctuary for the afternoon.  Bernie relaxes while I go to the Horizon Court and the salad bar.  The weather is nice, overcast, but it is still nice to sit outside.

The afternoon is so relaxing and the Sanctuary is so amazing.

The last day is always a day full of hugs and exchanging information.  Can’t seem to get too far without seeing someone.

Back in the cabin we clean up and wait for friends Dylan and Ben to arrive for a celebratory drink and catching up.

Ben and Dylan are the guys we went to Peru with last year so it was nice to reminisce about the trip while looking at pictures and listening to music from that trip.

Tonight’s dinner up in the Horizon Court is Mongolian stir fry – one of our favorites.  You pick all your vegetables, your sauces, your protein, then whether you want rice or noodles.  They then give you a number and deliver it right to your table.

Of course there are a lot of other options in the Horizon Court too if the stir fry is not your thing.

It is 10 pm and the World Orchestra is performing in the Atrium and this is one of our favorite shows and it is well attended.  Being able to enjoy live entertainment is important to us and tonight’s show features all of them.  Make sure to watch the World Orchestra next time you are on a cruise.

Muts is showing Goodbye Christopher Robin – and don’t forget the free popcorn.

Lots happening tonight:  Rhapsody is performing in the Wheelhouse, Karaoke Madness in Princess Live, The Alleycats and Comedian Robbie Printz together in the Princess Theater, Who’s the Cuckoo Game Show, Passenger Feud Game Show, The Urban Myth Trivia Challenge and then the Farewell Dance Party with DJ Q.

When we were just about to head back to the cabin we ran into a couple we have seen often on board.  They are from Montreal and are travelling with their two kids, Logan and Lois. The kids are a delight and a few days ago we delivered them a few Canadian Temporary Tattoos.  Well they had something for us apparently so we waited patiently for them to return.  

They returned with an envelope and a coloured picture addressed to us and signed by them both.  We invited them to come to Vancouver to ride our bus and we would even let them beep the horn.  These are the special moments.

We are back in the cabin around 11:30 and we tidy up a bit.  We won’t pack anything until tomorrow but need to clean up and throw out some things, especially paper that we just don’t need.

We set the alarm and I can’t believe I actually fell asleep with my glasses on and my kindle open.

Oh I wanted to add that Stephen Kerridan from Chicago area is the most travelled with 1376 days.  He is on these cruises at this time often and is on for the next leg too. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Super Tuscan Dinner

The Royal and Regal are the only ships that feature the wonderful Super Tuscan Dinner.  I hope they roll it out to other ships.

On the night they close Sabatinis for this meal.  It starts at 6:30 pm and the cost is $60.

You are greeted when you arrive by Maitre d’Hotel  Silvio Zampieri and directed to Executive Chef Giovanni Sisto who gives you a piece of yummy Parmesan Cheese.

The tables are set with so many glasses it is overwhelming until you realize soon they will be filled with wine!
Right away you are presented a flute of Prosecco.

On the table is a basket of Italian Breads served with three puree sides: Aubergine Caviar, Potato and Broad Bean, and Garlic Paste.

The appetizer is Octopus Carpaccio with Chaves Fennel paired with Anthilia Donnafugata.

Soup course is a creamy bean soup, braised cherry stone clams, and fried garlic croutons.  The soup is paired with Pietraregia dell’ Ammirraglia

sorry I ate before I remembered to take a picture

Second Course is a Risotto Di Asparagi – Carnaroli rice tossed in green asparagus emulsion touch of saffron filaments.  Paired with Lucente Della Vite.

Main Course is sliced Wood Grilled Sterling Sirloin Steak in a bed of arugula and shaved parmesan. Paired with Solaia.
Dessert looks amazing – Zuccotto alla Caterina De Medici. Ricotta Cheese Cake with Stracciatella Ice Cream.

The meal was one of the best we have ever had on board.  We loved that Chef has added his touch to it and we are impressed.

The one downfall is you really can't socialize much with your friends at the table as there is a lot of talk about the wines.  Also as you drink more and more you get chatty and you want to socialize but you do feel discouraged to chat too much. 

If you ever want to try make sure to ask about it as soon as you board.  Sign up and enjoy.  The fact you get Super Tuscan wines that you would probably not get to try normally is an added bonus.

I have written another detailed blog about the Super Tuscan Dinner click here

Saturday, January 27, 2018

On a Surprise Sea Day

Today was suppose to be a day in Grand Turk but due to a storm brewing in the Atlantic Captain Nash decided to keep the ship in the Caribbean Sea sheltered by the Bahamian Islands for the safety of everyone.

We also got a refund to our on board account in the amount of $15.60 each for the Grand Turk Port Fees.

Of course these decisions are never easy and are done with a lot of consultation.  Ultimately the safety of the passengers and the ship are most important.

We wake with the sun beaming into the cabin.  After a quick shower we are roaming about the ship.

I get my soy latte and catch up with some friends.  I then try my luck at the casino for a bit and end up make a small donation.

There is a lot happening on board.  I am really impressed with Cruise Director Matt’s line dance class. 

Min really likes Bernie’s new t-shirt that we got in St. Thomas.

For lunch we meet up with all our friends for lunch in the dining room.  There are ten of us and it is nice to get together.

One of my favorite soups is on the menu – white bean minestrone. 

After lunch we done our bathing suits and head up to the Sanctuary again.  Oh man I want to bring the serenity stewards home with us.  It is so relaxing!

The sun is shining, there is a light breeze and the intermittent clouds keep the temperatures bearable. We enjoy afternoon tea up there and we got some colour too.

People always ask is there a benefit or perk to booking back to backs.  Well financially no there is no discount given for doing back to backs.  But there is a perk of being able to reserve some things because you are on the sailing prior.  

One thing is we have been able to reserve lounge chairs for three days in the Sanctuary next voyage.  Although some may think this is unfair, it is a perk for staying on for longer.

We end up leaving around 4 pm as a few sprinkles started and we have a relatively early dinner tonight.

Tonight we are off to enjoy the Super Tuscan Dinner.  I have written about it before and here is a detailed link to the post about it

Other things happening on board:

Zumba, Ping Pong, Team Trivia, Corteo on Muts, Bing, Princess Grapevine, Line Dancing, Motown Moments:  Who Sang What, 60 second frenzy, Digital Camera Scavenger hunt, Pub Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Wonder Woman in Vista Lounge.

This evening events:

Feature Film Wonder on MUTS, Ballroom Dancing with Gordon and the Royal Princess Orchestra, Acapella Group the Alleycats, Where in the World Am I Game Show, Who Sang It Rock n Roll Revival, Festivals of the World Mardi Gras, Movie Poster Trivia. 

St. Thomas Evening - Most Travelled Cocktail Party

After relaxing in the cabin after a very full day we change and dress for the evening events. 

Tonight is the Most Travelled Party for the top 40 passengers.  Tonight’s party is a cocktail party instead of the luncheon.  It is held in Club 6 at 7:30.

Met this fun guy - John you had us in hysterics 

When you first enter you get your picture taken with the Captain.  But the Captain is not here!  Something must be up – stay tuned.

Instead Michael Prasse the Hotel General Manager is here welcoming us and posing for pictures.  So it is great to get a picture with Michael and we got Meghan in the shot too. 

We can order any drink and Silvio the Maitre D ensure we are given enough food.  They also made sure we had some vegetarian options.  The whole layout was very very impressive.  Cold appetizers, hot appetizers and desserts including a chocolate fountain.

Soon the Captain comes on the speaker to announce that we had a medical emergency soon after leaving St. Thomas and we are returning back and lowering a tender boat and taking the patient ashore for medical attention.  Around 9:30 we were back to regular routing.  We hope that everything works out okay for the patient. 

Friday, January 26, 2018

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Today we are docking at Havensight in Charlotte Amalie.  

The temperatures predicted is 25C/78F with a few showers.  It is hot and muggy when we open our balcony door first thing in the morning.

There are only two ships in port today.  Celebrity Reflection is at Crown Bay and we are the only ones at Havensight.

Right away when you look at the island you can see the damage from the hurricanes and apparently a lot has been repaired but it is definitely an issue.

even hooters is closed

The Paradise Lift to the top of the mountain is still not operating and personally I don’t see it opening any time soon.  Apparently (from a local) two of the pillars that support the cars have to be replaced and I can’t see that happening soon.  Cables are slack in areas and the look out at the top does not appear to have any action. 

Added note -- as of late February the Chair lift was open.

The stores at Havensight are open, but again there are quite a few that are not open. 

We decide to try and find a dive shop so I can buy an O ring for my snorkel mask but the shop they refer me to is now closed due to damage.  We walk along the main street to the Kmart and you can see a lot of damage.  Gas Station roofs over the tanks have huge sections missing.  The Kmart sign is missing a few letters.  Random signs are missing letters.

But the island is so happy to see ships back and they are all very much need our support.

We do buy a few items – including two beautiful bamboo cloth shirts for Bernie.

We get back on around 11:30 and we are heading up to the Sanctuary this afternoon.  It is quiet on the ship and the Sanctuary is lovely and perfect for our afternoon.

The sun is out but we thankfully have arranged our chairs so that we are in the shade.  The staff up here bring us water and a cold cloth.  We place an order for lunch. 

We each got a vegetarian burger (which was actually not very good – they need to grill that patty – the one we had was very mushy with no texture at all).  Bernie also got the gazpacho and I got a citrus plate.  Oh those items were yummy.

At around 3:15 the skies open and we take cover in the enclosed area to enjoy afternoon tea.  Meghan is up here too and we enjoy some girl time. 

The Sanctuary is a lovely treat and I always enjoy coming up here.

Tonight is formal night.  It is also the Most Travelled Cocktail Party.  The party is held in Club 6 and the Royal Princess does the MTP the best of any ship.  Great drinks, great foods and the company is pretty great too.
Also tonight is the Production Show Encore and I really want to make some time to see it.  We haven’t even seen a show yet this trip.  Some cruises are like that but we will try and get to this one.  Stay tuned.

Other events happening tonight:

Sunset Quartet in the Atrium
MUTS is showing Wonder Woman
Comedy Showtime Mike Wilson
Stargazing at Sea Presentation
Showtime:  Encore 8:15 and 10:15
Topaz in the Piazza
The Marriage Match Game

Balloon Drop Dance Party in the Atrium

St. Kitts

We arrive a little later into St. Kitts today – 9 am. When we wake we are pulling in backwards so we are out on the balcony watching the Captain back us in.  It is a pretty cool sight to see.  Today the port side faces the pier.

The weather is lovely.  Patter says it will be 26C/79F and no rain.  St. Kitts is great because there is often a nice breeze that keeps the heat down.

Once again we are in port with Celebrity Reflection – Hi Alice, who is on board.

Today I dress and head up to the Horizon Court with Bernie for breakfast. It is rather busy there for 9 am but I guess like us people are enjoying the later start.

I quickly grab some food – scrambled eggs, lots of fruit and a piece of toast.  I gave up trying to get to the butter.  It just was not worth the maze of people to get to it – and I should do without it anyways.

We decide to eat outside in the aft area – although it is quite breezy.  We sit with a lovely couple who live in Las Vegas.  One reason I love to cruise is all the great people we get to meet.

I need to get my blogs posted so I head down to the International Café and sit there and start posting.  I have like three days to get up.  I had them all written but it is taking a long time to get pages to load – especially Facebook.  It is so bad that I have to warn you all that I may get the blog posted but may not be able to copy the link to the Facebook page so keep checking back for new blogs and hopefully others can share the links to the new blogs as they come up.

Oh I forgot to tell you that yesterday I had logged on to the internet and it showed I had zero minutes left when I know I had over a 100 minutes left.  Not sure what happened but maybe I forgot to log out.  I again just wrote a note for the internet manager and left it on his desk as he dealt with so many people in a queue.  Within an hour I had a 100 minutes credited to my account.  So I recommend if you have a simple issue with the internet just leave a note for him.

We run in to a few friends and chat with them.  And I finally get up-to-date with my blog posts.

Bernie is wanting to go ashore for a few things and I really just want to relax on board the ship today.  So we split up for the day and Bernie heads ashore.

I on the other hand head to the Enclave and boy did I enjoy it.  During the entire time I only encountered one person.  I went from the deep whirlpool to each of the rooms.  It was pure bliss.  I tell you if you enjoy spa pool/steam rooms and relaxing stone beds definitely try out the Enclave.

On my way back to the cabin I grab my favorite salad from the International café – orzo pasta with goat cheese and cranberries.  Yummy.

I grab a Sudoku puzzle from the library and notice they have restocked the games – numerous options.  Still minimal books but most people now use an electronic reader.

Once in the cabin I crawl into the comfy beds (note the new Princess bed experience - still full duvet cover- has not been implemented here but the bed is still very comfortable) and start the movie Victoria and Abdul.  It was a good movie and I am glad I got a chance to watch it.

I fall asleep and have a well needed nap. 

As we are pulling in the lines to leave St. Kitts the Captain comes on in all the cabins.  We both comment that there must be more to the message than his normal “we are leaving – fill in the port name - and this is what you can expect”.  Yup there is a storm brewing in the Atlantic and because of this they have (when I mean they I am referring to the Captain and his officers and with Head Office) to skip Grand Turk as that would put us in line with the storm and it would be rather unpleasant for all.

Instead our stop in St. Thomas is being extended from a 4 pm all aboard to a 6:30 pm all aboard.  We will then travel up the Old Bahamian Channel that will shelter us from the storm.  I will report later how it goes but I am not anticipating a horrible ride but maybe a bit bumpy.

Tonight, we meet up with Meghan and Michael for drinks in Vines.  We all head to dinner together and then end up watching the Santa Clarita Diet episodes that Meghan brought.  Sure it was not exciting and action packed night but it was a fun night with friends and lots of good laughs.  Key is to do what you want to do when on board.

Events today included:

Bible Study, Mah-jongg and Bridge Players Get Together, Team Trivia, Soccer Shootout, Afternoon Movie: Wind River, Charades, Putt Putt Golf Challenge, Afternoon Tea, Team Trivia.

Evening Entertainment included:

Tyronne Babb playing the Steel Drum in Wheelhouse, MUTS Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Topaz band playing music in the Atrium, Who Sang It? Double Trouble trivia, Perry Grant in Crooners, Comedian Robbie Printz, Ye Olde Pub Night, Famous Faces Trivia, TV Theme Tune Trivia and so much more.

There are some sales happening too and I wanted to report that they are selling a Go Pro Hero 5 for $299 (no idea if that is a good deal or not – let me know).

Lotus Spa has a Top to Toe deal, includes a muscle melting full body massage, soothing foot and head massage plus a spa facial 75 minutes for price of $149

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Today is another early day and our room service arrives and we quickly change and layer the sun screen on. 

Today we are doing a tour with Silvermoon.  This is the fifth time we have gone out with them.  They are at the gate to meet us right on time.  But there are some mix ups. There was an issue with our friend's booking, and they had our name wrong and it was difficult as we had asked that we would all be on the same boat; however that was not how it would of worked out unless we ensured it.

But in the end once we got on board all things went very very smoothly.  The weather is overcast with showers on the way.  But the catamaran is very large and there are only 9 of us on board.  So when the showers come we can easily take cover.

With this tour we have two stops, one for the turtles and one at a ship wreck/reef.

Staff ensure anything we want is provided and the boat is stunning.

While waiting for the lunch to be prepared we all jump in the water and relax.  Life is good.

We arrive back at the dock around 2:30 and they shuttle us back to the pier quickly.

Tonight is the Captain Circle Party and we are also celebrating Min’s Birthday.

Entertainment is

Comedy Impressionist Mike Wilson, Karaoke Madness, Evening Game Show Master Mind, Love Boat Disco Deck Party, Night Sky Lounge and so much more.  Buffet theme is Italian Trattoria.

Our evening was spent at the Captain Circle Party.  There were 3 parties.

After the parties we went up to the Horizon Court for dinner where it was Italian Night but they had a great Greek Food section too.