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St. Thomas February 3, 2015

St. Thomas is always a beautiful sail in.  The Regal is already alongside at the pier at Havensight.  We pull in right behind her, aft to aft.  I am always amazed at how they can park these huge vessels like you are parallel parking a smart car.

We receive clearance soon thereafter, but I role over and try to get a bit more sleep.  We can’t sleep, there is a lot going on around us and all we hear is banging of doors and people in the hallways, people on their balconies.  We watch the movie the Judge and are so engrossed in it that we decide to watch the whole thing before we even head out for breakfast. 

For me it is down to the International Café for a Cappuccino and a yoghurt parfait and I take a sit by the window.  Bernie is up at the Horizon Court chatting with Lynn and Jim, where I find him.

The ship is quiet, most have gone ashore.  There are a lot of ships in port today and I can see a lot of traffic crawling along.  We had discussed what to do here and we tossed out some ideas of going to the beach but really I am not crazy about getting off to visit St. Thomas with so many ships in port.  Just too busy, too many people trying to sell you stuff and why would I want to get off this amazing resort.  And finally since this is our second of three visits here this winter we decide to stay on.  Plus this ship is beautiful and with so many off we get to enjoy it in some tranquility.

We put our bathing suits and head up to the Retreat Pool where it is so easy to find a lounger and we settle in.  The pool is refreshing and the sun isn’t barring down, especially under the canopy of the retreat pool area. Ahh life is so good.

There is quite a bit still happening on board even with many off but my only goal today is to read, do Sudoku puzzles and rest.

looks like this person is Parasailing off the back end of the NCL ship

Tonight we are dining in Sabatinis but first we head to the Elite Lounge to enjoy a Brezza Marina.  Even though I find the Club 6 a nice lounge I really miss Skywalkers and this lounge has the constant flow of people strolling thru it.  Passengers leaving or going to the Princess Theater to the Atrium file thru.  So it doesn’t really feel special, also since you can only get the special price for the drink of the day.  

The staff here though are very good and helpful and they of course remember everyone’s name and their folio number. 
We meet up with friends here and find out that they did go to Morningside Beach which is close to Havensight.  The taxi was $6 per person and the price for two lounge chairs and an umbrella is $25.  I was not there so can’t report on exactly what amenities are there.

The production show Spectacular is happening in the Princess Theater; however there appears to be a problem with the stage and the show is cancelled for the evening until they can get things repaired.  Lisa the Cruise Director has arranged for the Princess Band to perform a Big Band show there at 10:15 tonight. 

We have reservations at Sabatinis tonight at 8 pm.  We arrive and the head waiter greets us and sits us at a lovely table by the window where we can see an amazing moon out there. 

Alice has brought Bernie’s favorite champagne and I order a bottle of wine.  Sabatinis has their own wine list but you can of course order from the “normal” wine list too.

To read Sabatinis Menu click here.   

The meal was very good.  I had the Buffalo Mozzarella salad, then calamari (which I could not finish), and then the sea bass for my entrée.  That fish was cooked perfectly with zucchini slices individually grilled and then placed over the fish to look like scales, stunning.  My favorite part of the meal was the polenta though… I love polenta and it has a lovely texture and flavor, just wish I could duplicate it.

For dessert I have the Normal Love Tiramisu which looks as beautiful as it tastes. 

Personally I love the new menu (well newer menu, it has been around for a few years now).  I have to say that I actually prefer Sabatinis over Crown Grill on board.  The experience here is much more special and because it was not crazy busy like Crown Grill usually is we really enjoyed it.

It is just before 10 pm when we leave but I don’t really want to do much so we wander around for a while.  Kory Simon is performing up in Crooners and New Deal is in Vista Lounge but all I want to do is head to the cabin and have an early night.

I forgot to mention that tonight is formal night and we had ordered the chocolate covered strawberries for our special elite canapés but I am guessing they have run out of strawberries on board cause we are delivered chocolate bon bons instead. 

We also put the clocks back one hour tonight so we get an extra hour of sleep too.

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