Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Grenada February 2, 2015

It is nice to sleep in today.  I do like this itinerary – we are not docking until noon in Grenada.  We slowly get up and wander out of the cabin to see what is happening. 

First order of business is a latte and I love that this ship has an espresso machine at the Princess Live Bar.  Martin is usually there in the morning and he prepares me a beautiful coffee.

Lisa and Toby are hosting the Wake Show in Princess Live soon so I take a seat.  Kory Simon walks in and sits next to me and says hi and I ask if he is getting excited about going home.  Yes he is, but maybe not the weather he says.  It is fun to see them filming the live show.

There is a lot going on this morning.  Morning Trivia, AeroBox, Ping Pong Challenge, Shopping Spotlight for St. Thomas, Seminar Back Pain Soultions with Acupucture, Master Print Seminar, Larimar by Marahlgol, Princess Pyramids Gameshow, Basketball Shootout, and Trevor Cole is playing the Steel Pan.  They are even doing a Pub Lunch in Wheelhouse.  Which is great but not very busy cause so many just want to get off the ship as soon as we dock at noon.

We sit down on Deck 5 outside the coffee bar and I get an iced latte and we catch up with Joelle and Wayne for a bit.

Walking back to the cabin I pass Martin in the Princess Live Bar and Martin calls out “what you got a coffee somewhere else?”  I giggle and respond yes sadly but it is not made with love like when you do.

We agreed to meet friends Yvonne and Paul at 12:45 to go ashore to the beach.  We did not want to head ashore right when we dock cause the pier is just crazy. 

We put on our bathing suits, sunscreen, gather our beach gear and head ashore.  We see the P & O Venture is right next to us.  Two massive ships creates quite a bit of wind.  

Today we are heading to Grand Anse beach via water taxi. 

once you leave the port you walk a short distance to the small pier

To get to the water taxi just enter the port building/mall and turn left when you get inside.  You exit another door and you are walking along the water to a small pier where water taxis are waiting. 

The taxi is $4 per person but you can buy round trip tickets and they give you a laminated ticket to present on return ride.  It isn’t a long ride, maybe 10 to 15 minutes.  They drop you at another pier right on the beach.

As soon as we arrive we see the beach is busy but we turn right and keep walking down till it is quieter and there are many spots available.  We get two lounge chairs with nice cushions and an umbrella for $20 total.  Right away we get in the water.  The water is lovely, but the sun is strong.  There is a lot happening at this beach. 

Lots of vendors wander up and down trying to get us to buy drinks, food, go water skiing, and also this ride thing that is a blow up couch type thing that is towed by a boat.  We ask about that and we are quoted $10 per person for a 20 minute ride.  Bernie and I agree to go and Yvonne wants to as well, another guy from our ship also comes along too.

We had a hoot!  Lots of bouncing around!  We go with Mick and the three of us and Mick keeps "Oh My God” “Jesus” about 50 times and we are laughing so hard.  I say to him at the end that I felt like I was in church.  He said he was scared, but had a good time too.

We pay the guy and tip him $3 and feel it was worth it, but it was not 20 minutes, more like 10 or 12 minutes.  But still worth it.

Bernie ordered drinks, beers (the local ones) are $3 each or a bucket for $15, I get a smoothie.

After about 4 hours we head back to the water taxi to head back to the ship.  There was not much of a wait but they do fill up the boats, and I have to say the crew are a little put offish and not very nice or helpful.

us walking from the water taxi to the ship

In all we like the Island but we do find the people to be a little harsh, not friendly and sometimes quite aggressive at times.

When we get back to the port Bernie wants to get some spices to take home.  We go to our favorite woman, stall 21 just outside of port by the street and Bernie buys some raw cinnamon $5 for a bag.  He also gets some vanilla and nutmeg too.  Here is our blog from last year when we shopped at their store.

Picture of Sandra and I have a great time.
Photo courtesy of Roy Bennett
Back on board I head up to get a slice of pizza and to see the sail away of the P & O Ventura.   I run into Sandra and Roy as they are waving at the people up on deck of the other ship.  The skies then open up and the rain starts and we grab a towel to cover up.  It looks like that ship is having a lot of fun and we wave, and sing back and forth.  When the Captain toots our horn to say good bye.  Apparently the Captain and Cruise Director came on board our ship today to see it.  This is the first time the ships meet up.  

Tonight’s drink in the Elite lounge is Japanese Slipper and sushi so I head down there and Bernie meets me shortly thereafter.  We sit with Roy/Sandra and Alice along with Ed/Margaret.  But boy Ed is complaining constantly seems everything he says is something negative.  Seems nothing will make him happy, I don't think they are having a good trip.

Tonight we head back to the dining room to our “normal” table.  It is so nice to see Daniel and Inna again.  It has been a few days.

I start with the pineapple/strawberry with coconut starter. Then the black bean soup (which was amazing).  For my entrĂ©e I had the tri tip steak with fries, but the fries are cold and soggy but Daniel rushes to get me some fresh ones.  Bernie gets a lovely dessert of white chocolate cheesecake (but I can’t eat white chocolate cause of allergies). 

Bill and Cathy come by to sit and chat for a bit but they are so tired and are heading to bed, and we agree and we are in the cabin soon and fast asleep. 

But there is a lot going on:  David Cats is performing his Magic Hotel Show, MUTS is showing Get On Up, The International Music Event is happening in the Atrium, Trevor Cole is in the Wheelhouse, Flags Trivia, Majority Rules Gameshow, Bingo, 70’s hour with DJ Shea, Kory Simon is playing Broadway showtunes and Ye Olde Pub Night is happening too.

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