Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Another port we haven't been to.  In fact we haven't been to the Canary Islands before.

There are 3 ships in port today.  We are docked the furthest away.  Again Princess has a shuttle, this time free from ship to port gate.  But when we get off the line must have 200 in it and many are arguing about who is butting in.  We once again opt to walk.

It is about a mile or 1,5 km. Easy and again only one shuttle passed us ao we were much faster.

We walk into town and stop for coffee and a pastry.

We explore the market.

We find a huge department store where Bernie buys a pillow.  He hates the ones on the ship.  We have gotten new ones from our steward but they too just sink down and don't suit Bernie's needs.  Since we are on for a few more months it makes sense to just buy one.  

We also find a grocery store and stock up on shampoo, conditioner, some other items.  We find the price to be very reasonable. 

We then walk to the cathedral,

Around 2 pm we stop for lunch on this quiet street.
A fabulous meal!  

We do some more exploring on our way back.  Lots of good shopping.  Perfect weather  too.

We arrive at the port gate and again the free shuttle has a long queue.  We see our friends in the line and just decide it is faster to walk.  And it is.  We beat our friends by ten minutes,