Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Day 34 - 38 Just Hanging With My Family

People have been asking if everything is okay? Why have you stopped Blogging?

Well the real reason is.  What I am doing is visiting with family.  Nothing crazy, nothing really interesting to people except my family really.

Bernie and I have settled nicely into our lovely Airbnb here and it feels like a home away from home.

Each morning we sleep in and relax and enjoy breakfast and coffee then we dress and do a few things around town.


Like yesterday we went to the bank and got the car washed.   See not too news worthy.

We visit different coffee shops in the area each day and sip and chat.

Of course with so many relatives in the area we are visiting numerous people each day and sadly won't get everyone in before we leave.  Yes I have a huge family.

We have enjoyed visiting others and have enjoyed some that have come to visit us here at our place.

Drummondville has grown.  In size, in people and even in the variety of places to eat and shop.

We have decided we will be coming back in August for my Uncle's 80th birthday.  We promised that if we are not away travelling we will be here.

I have managed quite well with my French.  It is amazing how quickly it comes back.  

So there is our update.  Tomorrow we leave for Quebec City and back to being tourists.  We are even excited to be attending Saint Jean Baptiste Day while in Quebec.  Not sure what we will be doing then but we plan to stop today and get something to wear that has the Quebec flag on it.