Sunday, March 18, 2018

Wow - How Many Views!!

I just hit the 800,000 views to my blog with 100,000 just in the past few months!  

Thank you everyone for following along.  This blog has always been a spot where I felt comfortable to write and share information.

A space that people could come to learn about cruising, ports and travel.  

It is written by solely by me and I make a point to only share information that I know first hand.  I do not share information that I have heard second hand that I have not personally confirmed from a reliable source.

I love when people comment and come up to me and introduce themselves and tell me how the blog has helped them.

It keeps me writing! And trust me there are days when I wonder "is anyone really following along?" "should I keep writing?" "is it worth all my time and effort?"

For now I will continue to write and share.  

Thanks for following and here is to moving forward and hitting a MILLION - as I put my pinky finger to my mouth.