Saturday, February 14, 2015

St. Thomas – February 14, 2015 – Happy Valentine’s Day

When I wake I am greeted by a kiss from Bernie and a Happy Valentine’s Day.  Of course Valentine’s Day is every day for us. 

We are docked and we have been given clearance.  But soon after we hear the announcement that all ship’s excursions have been cancelled today.  Wow I say, I have never heard this, but when I look outside I can see why.  It is pouring out, we can’t even see Water Island. 

When we later talk with Bonnie the Manager of the Shorex Dept. she tells us that the Island was hit bad with a storm that started the night prior at 5:30 pm.  Many roads have been washed out, homes have been flooded, this is the most rain they have had in 23 years and I am sure that the roads can’t absorb all that water.

So not only is it difficult for the tours to go up into the mountains with roads washed out, there is a danger that tours could get stuck up there.  Or worse, an accident.  And remember many tour operators can’t get to their work or have issues with their own homes.  I wish everyone well here on the island.

All tours that have been booked have been cancelled and everyone will receive a refund. 

We head down to the International Café where we hand out Valentine Day treats to many of the crew that we run into.  I make a point of handing a chocolate or candy to many of the crew – especially the ones that work so hard but often don’t get recognition.  Like the cleaners.

Our original plan was to go to Water Island but with the weather the way it is I think we will just head downtown for a lunch later on.

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