Thursday, February 12, 2015

Barbados – February 11, 2015

We wake and turn on the Wake Show.  We really miss Lisa Ball, she was such a great host.  She worked so well with Toby (Simone prior) and DJ Shea.  It just isn’t the same with Peter Tredgett. 

He isn’t the our cup of tea and that is all I will say about it.

We dock only at 9 am so we decided to go to the dining room for breakfast.  The first time we have been there for breakfast.  It is rare I am up and dress and presentable in time to get to the dining room.  Plus the buffet is so good on board and it fast.

So Concerto dining room is open for breakfast and we get a lovely table for two right by the window.  We enjoy a leisurely meal and we discuss what we want to do today.

Originally we were going to head back to the beach and Lobster Alive (located right beside the Boatyard).  But it is busy and we are really trying to try new things this voyage. 

Earlier in the cruise we had asked Trevor Cole the Steel Pan player who is from Barbados and he recommended trying out Weiser Beach Bar on Brandon Beach which is relatively close to the pier. 

So we slather on the sun screen and gather our beach gear.  We head off the ship around 10 am and walk thru the port building (oh we are docked the furthest away again with two other cruise ships in port – Carnival Valor and a Silverseas ship).  We are going to take a taxi to the beach but we always walk thru the parking lot past the taxi vans and out the port.  Taxi drivers are right at the gate and offering rides.  Bernie asks a guy for how much to Brandon Beach and we are offered $4 per person, originally it was $5 but he quickly said $4.  It isn’t really far and at home it would be about a $15 taxi ride. 

We are dropped off right at Weiser Bar, which has drinks, food and there is someone there that you can rent chairs/umbrellas from.  But we want to walk and check out the beach further.

We walk for about a half hour, the whole beach is so quiet that it is rare to even see people.  Occasionally you will run into a couple or family on the beach but then it is a long distance before someone else appears.  We walk past homes and keep walking for about a half hour where we decide to put our towels down under some trees for shade. 
It is HOT at least in the 30s and the winds are high again.  

Right away we head into the water and we lounge around and relax.  I did do a bit of snorkeling but with the high winds the water is not as clear and there is no real reef here so I just checked out some small fish.  It is the perfect beach day.

After about 3 hours we pack up and start walking back.  Another half hour walk back to Weiser’s bar and we decide we could easily walk back to the ship.  We walk up onto the road at the end of the beach and there is the Mount Gay Rum Factory (which you can tour).  We walk to the round about and then go to the right and then we are on the main street near the pier. 

We head to Rolli’s restaurant which is right near the port gate.  We were here last year and fell in love with their famous drink “Corn and Oil” can’t recall what is in it but I did take a picture of the menu so will report back.  But if you like rum you will like this and quite reasonably priced and oh free wifi!

Now I am not doing well… the walk from the beach (about an hour in total) was not comfortable to do in beach wear.  Also the heat is high and I haven’t drunk enough water.  When we get back to the port building all I want to do is get into the cabin.  The heat is affecting me to the point I feel nauseous and I can’t seem to cool down. 

As soon as I am in the cabin I get into the shower and cool off.  I should know better, after having heat stroke a few years ago I seem to be affected by the heat and at work in the summer I take steps to ensure I stay hydrated, I need to do the same when on vacation. 

We have a nap in the cool of the cabin.  We sail today at 6 pm and it is so great that we were in port for the whole day.  Normally we leave early.  I am really liking the order of the ports and the times in ports this leg.

Down in Vines for pre dinner drinks we order a bottle of wine and Frankie and Ryan take such good care of us.  We really appreciate all they do. 

The Atrium is getting busy, the International Music Event is happening soon.  It is a great show not to be missed, but we have seen it twice now and we have other plans.

Dr. Dylan Belton, so happy to see him again

Tonight we are honoured to be asked to join some of our friends.  Dylan is heading on vacation at the end of this voyage and coordinated a lovely diner. (in total we are 12) and we enjoy an amazing meal.  Lots of laughs, excellent wine, and great food, probably some of the best food I have ever had.  Thank you chef David! 

When we say goodbye we stroll back to the cabin and we feel so blessed.   Vacations are not only about the places we visit, the passengers and being together.  It is about the relationships we have developed.  We don’t take any of it for granted, and tonight it has grown even more.  Of course invites go out to get in touch with us when they come to Vancouver. 

Lots of other things going on tonight:  Texas Hold’em Players; The Magic Hotel Starring Master Illusionist David Cats; The Alphabet Trivia Gameshow; MUTS – The Maze Runner; Vista is showing The Equalizer; The 60 Second Challenge Gameshow; TV Theme Trivia; Fountains are showing “Into the Flow”; Karaoke Madness; and DJ Shea is in Club 6.

They have Scratch Card Tickets where you can win up to $100,000.  On sale is the new GoPro Hero4 Silver for $399.  Drink of the day is the 24K Gold Margarita.  The Spa is offering the Top to Toe includes a muscle melting full body massage, soothing foot and head massage plus a spa facial 75 minutes for $139.  They are also doing a free technology workshop where you can learn about smartphones (great idea).

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