Tuesday, February 10, 2015

St. Kitts – February 10, 2015

We are awaken by the sound of a knock at the door.  It is 7:15 and one consistent thing is room service always comes early.  We asked for 7:30 – 8 but it always is early.  So plan accordingly.  Then they were missing an item and we had to track the room service attendant down to tell her, surprisingly she asked “do you want me to get it” ahhh “yeah”. 

Today we are heading back to the beach club that we went to the last time.  Carambola Beach Club which is located on South Friars Beach.  We are a group of 9.  Lew from the roll call coordinated the day.  He made a reservation for the 9 of us, which was a very good thing because the port is busy today! 

We are docked at the main pier beside a Costa ship.  A Royal Caribbean ship is at the older more industrial pier.  The Seadream Legend 2 is tendering people into the small dock at South Friars Beach.  And there is a Seaborn ship also in the harbour.  I have never seen it so busy here.

We meet in the International Café as a group and head ashore together.  As soon as we get to the main gate taxi drivers are trying to get our business.  We agree to go with one guy but then he says to hold on and wait.  Nope we don’t want to wait, so we all head outside the gate into the square.  Right away we meet Tony and he takes all of us right away to his van.  Price to South Friars (and all spots on the island) are fixed priced of $4 each person. 

The ride is not long and when we arrive at the beach club there are a few people in line.  Problem is that the staff have not arrived to take payment and start the computers.

I am not sure why they would not have them starting early considering how many reservations they have and all the ships in port.  Some of us head out to the beach to pick out chairs while our partners wait to pay.  Price is $10 per lounge chair and $10 for an umbrella.

But again it seems they are not expecting the crowds.  The one beach guy is running around like a fool trying to get umbrellas up and cushions for the chairs.

We are now settled, our view is the water with the Seadream ship.  The water is very rough today, and the waves are crashing against the beach.  Much rougher than last time. 

I went snorkeling, actually followed Bernie and wow I saw a turtle, actually snorkeled with him for about five minutes.  When I turned around to head back to the beach it was a struggle cause of the current and the winds.  But I made it but if you are not a strong swimmer be careful.

Sea Dream Yacht

Back on the beach we relaxed, swam, walked, had a nice meal, and slept.  We just wish it wasn’t so crazy busy.

Beautiful view - Caribbean on the right, Atlantic on the left

Port stores

All aboard is 3:30 so we arranged for Tony to come back at 2:30 but he sent another driver Greg to pick us up.  No problem we got back to the pier at around 2:45 and we did a bit of shopping and then back on board. 

Trevor plays at sailaway

Nevis on the right

Sailaway was stunning and we are excited to see we are sailing past Nevis and we usually go the other way.  So we head up on the top deck to take some pictures and listen to Trevor Cole play his steel pan. 

Tonight is the German Buffet night and since we didn’t make it to it either of the two earlier cruises we are not going to dress up for dinner.  We start out with a drink in the Platinum/Elite Lounge cause I love me a Mojito to start the evening. 

The food up in the Horizon Court is amazing.  The sausages, the schnitzel, the spätzle, the stew, the salads… oh and so much more.  We finish off our meal by sharing a Black Forest Cake.

We partake in some Beatles Trivia, then down to Vines to watch Rootberry juggling act and to finish off our bottle of wine.  Federico joins us for a glass and we get to meet Mathew who just joined this sailing as the Future Cruise Consultant. 

Oh I forgot to mention the funniest comment we heard today.  We are in the midship elevator and we get off on deck 7 and as we get off this woman says “does this elevator go to deck 6?”  I swear you can’t make this stuff up.  I really wanted to say, oh sorry it only goes to odd numbered decks.  

We wander around a bit and check in on the “where am I” trivia.  We actually don’t do too bad.

But all I want to do is go back to the cabin and watch a movie “The Other Woman” on the comedy section and we are laughing our heads off.

What is happening on board you say?  Lots:  Country and Western Night; Production Show What the World Needs Now; MUTS is showing the Hundred-Foot Journey; Country & Western Trivia; Line Dance Classes; Hollywood You?  Gameshow; and the regular musicians.  

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