Monday, May 13, 2019

Back in Vancouver

Well we got off the Royal on Saturday and it is sure nice to be back in Vancouver.

Bernie dashed off to get the rental car while I waited for him with the bags. 

We are staying at another Airbnb, but this time about 45 minutes from downtown which is close to where we use to live.

Here is the listing Airbnb listing

It is perfect for.  It is a suite off a house that has it's own private entrance with washer and dryer, and bedroom on second floor.  Very very quiet and easy to get everywhere.  However if you are wanting to see the sites in Vancouver this would be a bit too far.

Remember if you are at all interested in trying out Airbnb make sure you sign up and then you will get a discount on your first booking.  Here is the link to signup

Ocean Medallion Accessories

Now that the Ocean Medallion is coming out at a steady pace many of you are looking at accessories.  

While on the Royal in 2019 the Ocean Medallion kiosk was set up on the Starboard side of deck 6 midship, right near the Photo Department.

Here you could buy a variety of accessories.  Above is the clip that cost $8 each.  They come in a variety of colours including one for each loyalty level.  We bought the clip and really like the flexibility of it and being able to clip it on to almost anything.  Although Bernie did clip it to his pocket and with always putting his hands in and out it did fall off on occasion.

The plastic band for $12.  Also came in a variety of colours.  This is handy but I hate wearing a rubber bracelet and is a pain if you also wear a watch/bracelet.  I have seen others on line buying a fitbit band for a minimal costs too but for the small price difference I would just get the one onboard. 

I like the idea of the gold/silver plated bracelets but found them to be way to pricey for my budget.

Silver or Gold plated necklace with pendant.  Again way to pricey for my pocket book.

These are inserts you can attach to your lanyard to customize it a bit.  Cute idea and at a minimal price it is a nice option but I hate wearing a lanyard so I opted out.  You can also buy an insert that represents your loyalty level.

Here is the clip we bought.  I really enjoyed it and glad I got it.

Parental Advisory Welcome Aboard Information

For our seven day Mexican Cruise I was surprised to see this Parental Advisory Information.

It was delivered to every cabin.  I thought it was very informative and helpful for those with children, but also those that did not have children.  This way everyone had the information.