Sunday, December 26, 2010

Getting Ready for the Caribbean

Can't wait, just a few more weeks before we sail again.  And now that Christmas is over it is now time to start planning for the cruise.

Now what to bring, what not to bring?

For us we tend to throw things on the couch in the den for the items we can not forget.  Then we have to get some of the clothes out, yes the summer clothes!  What do I still fit in?  What needs to be thrown out?  What needs repair?

I think packing is key, even after doing 27 cruises we still bring too much, even though we are bringing less and less we still bring items that we don't end up wearing.  For our 10 day cruise we will bring four pairs of shorts/skorts with about four tops that can be worn with at least two of the shorts.  I like to bring three bathing suits but then I again like to be in my bathing suit on most days.  Minimum two bathing suits, and a coverup.  For evening wear two pairs of pants/skirt/capri that can work with nice blouses.  We don't do formal evenings anymore, but if we did two dresses that can use the same pair of shoes will work.  Bernie usually would only bring one suit with two dress shirts.  A sweater or hoodie works for chilly evenings or if the AC is on high throughout the ship.  I also like to bring a shall to wear in the evening because after getting sun all day I get a chill -- gee I sound old.

Now our must items:  power bar (trust me with only one plug in the room you will need it), small air freshner for the bathroom, clothes pegs for hanging items that need drying, corkscrew for the wine, a small digital travel alarm clock. 

We also bring a few items that are not musts but certainly make things easier: 

-  we bring a over the door hanger that is meant for shoes, but we use if for toilitries, hats, sunscreen etc.  Helps with keeping clutter down to a minimum.
-  Ipod with speaker so we can listen to music in our room
-  suction cup hooks that I use to hang up items like pj, or robe
-  blow dryer, now most ships have blow driers but I like my own
-  air matress, normally we pick this up in one of the stores near the port for about $3.99 it sure makes hanging at the beach more comfortable, and we usually leave it on the ship after the cruise
-  a small colapsable cooler, on those port days that we go to the beach we fill with ice and we pick up some cold beverages and enjoy them on the beach

But the key is whatever you do decide to bring, think twice about bringing it, if you will only wear it once on the ship, then maybe rethink the item.