Monday, February 9, 2015

Princess EZ Check Service for Fort Lauderdale and Miami International Airport

Do you want to avoid collecting your baggage on the pier and bypass check-in at the airport?

In partnership with Bags Inc Shipboard Airline Check-In Service.  Expedite your departure from Fort Lauderdale or Miami Airport following your cruise as you will no longer need to check in at the airport.  

For a nominal fee of $20 (plus any baggage fees as imposed by your airline of departure), your boarding passes will be issued onboard during the last evening of the cruise and in Port Everglades your luggage will be transported directly to the aircraft.

Requirements to participate in this service:
  •           Flights must be with a participating Airline. The connection flight can be operated with a different airline as long as the reservation is on the same record locator number.
  •           All flights must depart after 11:30 am from FLL airport or 2:00 pm from MIA airport with no flights departing later than midnight on the day of our arrival.
  •           Service fee listed below.  And additional airline baggage fees (as determined by the Airlines), will also be charge to your shipboard account.

EZ Check Fee is $20.  

Participating Airlines:  American Airlines, bag 1 $25 bag 2 $35; Delta Airlines – Domestic Flights, bag 1 $25 bag 2 $35; Jet Blue (FLL airport only) bag 1 no charge, bag 2 $50; United Airlines bag 1 $25, bag 2 $35; US Airways bag 1 $25, bag 2 $35; Southwest Airlines (FLL airport only) bag 1 and 2 no charge.

Benefits of this service:

  •           Your luggage will be checked in direct to your flight
  •           You will not need to check in at the airport as you will already have been issued your airline boarding passes and airline luggage tags on the ship, proceed directly to security.
  •           If your flight departs late and you wish to explore Port Everglades or Miami, you can do so without the worry of carrying your bags.
  •           No airline Overweight baggage fees if you participate onboard only.

If you meet all of the above requirements:
  •           Complete the registration information on the reverse of this form.

Please be aware that this service is provided by the airline listed above and on occasions, they may experience difficulties in processing some passenger’s airline records preventing the ability to print boarding passes and luggage tags on board.  In these cases, it will be necessary for passengers to check-in person at the airport.  Should this situation arise you will be notified as soon as possible.  You should also be aware that upon arrival in our disembarkation port, Customs may choose to examine your luggage, which will be done in your presence.


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  2. Where do you get this form . We are traveling Priness in February out of Ft Lauderdale this sound great

    1. it was provided in our cabin shortly after sailing. You can only book it once on board. It is dependant on airline and home airport.

    2. This is Pete's wife, Linda.
      Thanks for the quick answer.

      Hope you're having a great trip, in Mexico. Looking forward to your posts.