Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Ocean Medallion Pre Cruise Documents

A friend of mine is sailing on Caribbean Princess this month and he shared with me pictures of his Ocean Medallion.  He is allowing me to use his pictures - thank you Juan.

Prior to the cruise he went into his Cruise Personalizer on the Princess website and filled in all the necessary information required - like passport, credit card, address, and emergency contact.  He also took a picture of himself using his own computer (or phone or tablet).

The Ocean Medallion was shipped to them by courier.

This is what they got.

As you can see the Medallion does represent their loyalty status of Elite (it is black).  It also has his name (which I have blocked out) and sailing date.

I like it! I would much rather carry that than the cruise card.   I am one that would also like to own some kind of nice bracelet to put it in as at night as I rarely have pockets.

Here is a link to my previous post about Ocean Medallion on the Caribbean Princess and the products they would be selling.