Monday, September 16, 2019

Yeah a Princess Lecture Contract

Happy to report that Princess has offered me a port lecture position on the Island Princess next October in the Mediterranean.

Will be happy to be back in Europe next Fall.  

Map showing the port stops for Australia Getaway. For more details, refer to the List of Port Stops table on this page.

My role on board is as a Port Lecturer. I will have to provide a lecture about each port and answer questions at the end. My previous role as a Destination Expert was a bit different.  Just happy to be working again with Princess.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Antigua Port Lecture

Are you or someone you know sailing into Antigua on a cruise?  Check out my Port Lecture that I presented in February 2019 as Destination Expert on Royal Princess.

Barbados Port Lecture

If you or anyone you know is travelling to Barbados on a cruise have them take a look at my port presentation.

This video was recorded in February 2019.

Trinidad and Tobago Port Lecture

I am just now getting around to putting up my port lectures from my role as Destination Expert on the Royal Princess.

I will make sure that they are easily found via the search function.

Note not all the lectures will be going up, but I will try to put up most.

Here is the first one - Trinidad and Tobago.

This lecture was actually recorded in Princess Live prior to the cruise as we had four port stops in a row and we were not able to schedule a live presentation.

I must apologize my voice is very raspy.  I got quite sick and even lost my voice and it was just coming back when I recorded this lecture.  The show must go they say.

So if you or someone you know is going to Trinidad share this post for them so they can check it out.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Offered a Port Lecturer Position - But Guess Which Line?

After turning down the Sky Princess for the Baltic, I waited patiently hoping I might get offered one of the two ships that was sailing to South America.

But as August came to a close, I knew it was probably not going to happen.

I then started getting my name out and applying to other lines as a Port Lecturer and even as an Enrichment Lecturer.

Today I am happy to announce that I was offered a position as a Port Lecturer on Celebrity Eclipse! 

It is a 15 day cruise from Santiago (San Antonio) to San Diego.

We are both ecstatic and excited.

Neither of us has sailed Celebrity but we have always wanted to.

We are visiting ports we have travelled to numerous times and only three ports that I have to compose a new lecture for, although I have lots of material on them.

Stay tuned, as I will report here when I get offered something else.

My other question is, should I join the Cruise Critic Roll Call and introduce myself as the Port Lecturer? Bernie thinks I should and I am not sure - don't want to overstep, but want to build a following too.

Thanks for all the support.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Offered Lecture Position - BUT

See the source image

Was excited to see an email from Princess the other day.  They were wanting me back as a destination lecturer!

How great.

It was for two months in the Spring of next year on the brand new Sky Princess. While sailing the Baltic.  What an honour to be chosen for their flag ship!

You may remember earlier this year they offered me the Pacific Princess for the Baltic also.

See the source image

Sadly I had to turn it down again.  I have never sailed to the Baltic.  I know that the product that I want to provide would not be possible because I really need to know the ports.  I have to have seen it with my own two eyes.  

Know that when I am answering a guest's question I can speak from experience.

Sure I could wing it, but I know that is the not the product that Princess would want.

Not sure why I keep getting offered the Baltic?  It has never been one of my many itineraries that I know.  But something tells me I need to visit this area and maybe learn it for the next time they offer it to me.

So stay tuned - lots of great adventures coming up with regards to travel, lecturing and being retired and living the dream.