Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dominica February 3, 2015

Can you believe it is already February 3rd?  We still have two weeks to go on this vacation and we are loving it.

We are to dock early at 7 am so the alarm goes off at 6:30 and we dress and head up to the Horizon Court for some breakfast.  The place is busy with people getting some food to start out their day.

Back down in the cabin we are getting ready for our day.  Today we are getting the chance to go to the Kalinago Territory to the Barana Aute (Village by the Sea).  The Kalinago is the original name of the Caribe Indian Tribe, but they go by their original name not the name that was given to them by the settlers. 

We booked an excursion thru Antours again.  We have used them many times and Anison the owner is always very helpful and professional.  He had arranged for transportation to the Village for $45 per person for the seven of us.  We would have to pay our own entry into the Cultural Center though.  To read about past trips with Antours click here.  

But as we are getting ready I notice we are at the pier but the boat is still swaying and I can feel the thrusters kicking in.  Bing bing bing and the Captain comes in over the PA in the cabins to announce that sadly the port is going to have to be cancelled.

The reason is the ship is very long and the wake is pushing the ship to and from the pier and the ship even when tied up is moving up to a meter away from the pier at one end and then crashing back into the dock.  I head down to deck 7 to take a look, and oh my.  I have never seen this before.

The Captain said it would be way too dangerous to put the gangway out.  If the gangway was out and the ship moved back the whole gangway could fall and that would be tragic.  Not to mention the damage that ship and pier would take by this too.  Here is some video of what was happening.

Okay change of plans, we put on our swimsuits and head out to the top deck for some sun.  The place is busy but we don’t have too much trouble getting some lounge chairs.  But after a few hours the sun is so intense and the place is crowded that we head in.

We are definitely feeling the crowds… you see when a ship is on a scheduled sea day people sleep in, they make plans, they are have a routine.  But when a forced sea day is put upon us we have to regroup and people are not sure what to do.  I am surprised at how many are angry that the port was missed. 

Bernie suggests a pizza from Alfredos and I agree, what a great idea.  Daniel our server works in Alfredos during the day so we sit in his section.  He recommends a pizza for us and we agree.  It was great too.

The new Patter has come out and Lisa and her cruise staff have done an amazing job filling it with new activities. But both of us decide to head back to the cabin to watch a movie.  

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