Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cruise Radio Interview

As many of you know I am a transit driver in the city of Vancouver.  So to help pass the time I often listen to pod casts on my iPhone   I have been doing this since I first got an iPod and the selection was limited as to what pod casts you could get. 

Thankfully as the years have passed the selection has increased and of course the travel pod casts, including cruise pod casts have been added to my favorites.

I have been on a few other pod casts.  But sadly these two other pod casts have pretty much folded.  It is a big commitment but they are missed.  but....

Last year (or maybe two years ago) I found Cruise Radio and started listening to them every week.  

We have been in discussions for almost a year about me coming on for an interview to discuss Princess. 

Last week we finally coordinated our schedules and we were able to get the interview down.  

So here is a link to the interview Pod Cast 

You can learn more about Cruise Radio by visiting their website at cruise radio  or visiting their facebook page at Cruise Radio's Facebook Page