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Crooners Bar Menu from Royal Princess From February 2015

Crooners Bar Menu from Royal Princess

Ultra Premium Martinis $8.95
Grey Goose
Grey Goose, Dry Vermouth

Hendrick’s, Dry Vermouth

Stoli Elit
Stolichnaya Elit and Dry Vermouth

Bombay Sapphire
Bombay Sapphire and Dry Vermouth

Russian Standard
Russian Standard and Dry Vermouth

Ciroc and Dry Vermouth

The Bond Collection $7.95

007 Classic
Tanqueray or Stolichnaya and Dry Vermouth

Stolichnaya, Triple Sec and Blue Curaçao

The Vespa
Tanqueray, Stolichnaya and Dry Vermouth

From Russia With Love
Skyy, Stolichnaya and Dry Vermouth

On Her Majesty’s…
Absolut, Beefeater and Dry Vermouth

Quantum of Solace
Absolut Citron, Chambord, and grapefruit juice

The World Is Not Enough!!  But a Martini Would Help !!

For your convenience a 15% gratuity will be added to your bar account.  Passengers under 21 years of age are not permitted to purchase or consume alcohol onboard a Princess vessel at any time.

Celebrity “Quotes”
Martinez, California claims to be the “Birthplace of the Martini.” Evidently, Humphrey Bogart’s last words were, “I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis.”

W.C. Fields started the day with two double martinis before breakfast, “Angels’ Milk” he called them. Then he put down a glass of pineapple juice, a piece of toast and another martini. 

“You can no more keep a martini in the refrigerator than you can keep a kiss there. The proper union of Gin and Vermouth is a great and sudden glory; it is one of the happiest marriages on earth and one of the shortest lived. The fragile tie of ecstasy is broken in a few minutes, therefore, there can be no re-marriage.” 
Bernard De Voto, Harpers, 1969.

Try your favorite martini in a V-Ball Sinatra Glass.  Ask your server for details.

Olive-It & More© - Premium Stuffed Olives
To complement your favorite Martini at the Crooner’s Bar, we are proud to offer you the following selection of premium stuffed olives:
Blue Cheese
Sun-Dried Tomato

Princess Pack Regulars - $7.95

Sir Winston Churchill made martinis by pouring Gin into a pitcher and glancing briefly at a bottle of Vermouth across the room.

Sour Apple Martini
Absolut and Apple Schnapps

Stolichnaya, Melon Liqueur and pineapple juice

Bacardi Oakheart, Coconut Rum and Creme de Banana

Apple Schnapps, Melon Liqueur and cranberry juice

Tanqueray, freshly squeezed lime and sugar syrup

Lemon Tini
Absolut Citron and sweet & sour

Violetta Martini
Skyy, Blue Curaçao and cranberry juice

Mambo Martini
Skyy, Coconut Rum and Banana Liqueur

Margaritini (South of the Border)
Cazadores, Cointreau and lime luice

Mini Mi Martini
Absolut Citron, Ketel One and Grand Marnier

Coconut Rum, Banana Liqueur, Melon Liqueur, pineapple juice and sweet & sour

Tango Tini
Stolichnaya, Blue Curaçao and Melon Liqueur

Nutty Russian
Stolichnaya and Frangelico

Absolut Citron, Triple Sec, cranberry juice and fresh lime

Stolichnaya, Cointreau and orange juice

Skyy, Sparkling Wine and cranberry juice

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Tanqueray, Cointreau, orange marmalade

Crooner’s Classics - $7.95
Sammy’s Sidekick
Tanqueray, Blackberry Brandy and grapefruit juice

Lawford’s Libation (Peter Lawford)
Skyy, Amaretto and sweet & sour

Ocean’s 11
Crown Royal, Apple Schnapps and cranberry juice

The Big G (Manhattan)
Canadian Club and Sweet Vermouth

Jack Daniel’s, Kahlúa, Galliano, orange juice and cream

Dean’s Durty Martin-i
Tanqueray or Stolichnaya, Dry Vermouth and olive juice

The Bishop’s Mitre (Joey Bishop)
Grey Goose, Grand Marnier and orange juice

Golden Nugget
Bacardi Limon, coconut milk and passion fruit

Leader of the Clan (Rob Roy)
Glendfiddich and sweet vermouth

Absolut Raspberri, Frangelico, Blackberry Brandy and cream

Stolichnaya, Apple Schnapps, Melon Liqueur and cranberry juice

Chocolate Obsessions - $7.95
The Original Chocolate Martini
Stolichnaya and White Crème de Cacao

Chocolate Mint Martini
Stolichnaya, White Crème de Cacao and Peppermint Schnapps

Chocolate Banana Martini
Skyy, White Crème de Cacao and Banana Liqueur

Milky Way Martini
Grey Goose, Kahlúa and Irish Cream

Mocha Martini
Stolichnaya, White Crème de Cacao and Tia Maria

Irish Cream, Crème de Menthe White, espresso coffee and cream

Chocolate Nuttini
Stolichnaya, White Crème de Cacao and Frangelico

Chocolate Raspberritini
Skyy, White Crème de Cacao and Chambord

‘Earsheys Kiss
Skyy, Dark Crème de Cacao and Kahlúa

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