Friday, February 6, 2015

February 6, 2015 – Sea Day

 A sea day, now everyone say AHHH.  No reason to wake up early, nothing pressing that has to get done.  The ship is sailing towards Fort Lauderdale and there is a gentle sway from the seas.  This ship handles the seas very well, very little movement considering the high winds we have experienced.

We finish our movie that we were watching yesterday and then we watch the Wake Show.

I take my time getting ready, and by time I mean, shower, read a bit, dry my hair, watch some tv, get dressed, surf the web…. Ahhh no commitments equals a perfect day. 

Lisa Ball and I
Lisa Ball calls to arrange a time for us to meet up to do the interview.  We head to the dining room where it is quiet to do the interview.  But it did get a bit noisy when the wait staff start setting up the tables so when you hear the podcast bear in mind you will hear some background noise.

But it was so lovely of Lisa to take some time out of her busy day to sit down with us for a half hour and answer our questions.  Footnote:  sadly it seems I deleted the entire interview from my phone in error so no podcast.  Still great memories.

After the interview I am hungry (I missed breakfast) so we head to the dining room.  Which is only the second time we have dined in the dining room for lunch so far.  We both have the beef consommé soup to start, which is the exact same soup that they served at the Wine Maker’s dinner but this one is hot.  Then I have the angel hair pasta with tomato sauce and ham and artichokes which was very good.  Bernie had a panini sandwich and we had a side order of the samosas to share.  Everything was very good.

I head to the gelato bar for dessert for three scoops of the mint chocolate chip ice cream. I see to the side that the internet café is very busy, there has been a line up all day to access one of the computers.  I guess people are going on line to print out their boarding passes.

We chat with a few other friends we have made this voyage in the Piazza – it just won’t be the same next voyage without all of them.

Back in the cabin Bernie is excited to see the new Hunger Games Movies is now available in the cabin so he settles in to watch.  I decide this is my queue to head out and so I put on some runners and head up to the Sports Deck to do some laps.  I really like this walking/jogging track.  More defined lanes, and bigger than the one on the Crown Class.  With this ship you need to do 7 laps for 1 mile.  After 11 laps I head in with wind blown hair and lots of fresh air. 

The weather today has been overcast and windy but still enjoyable and many are out lounging by the pool.  They are showing the Proposal on MUTS this afternoon and the decks are busy.  But we have had no real problem finding a lounge chair, especially if you are not too picky on it’s location.  I like that this ship has a lot more spaces that you can lounge in that are in the shade.

I take my computer and my memory cards for my pictures and head down to Vines for a quiet spot.  A string quartet is playing and it is a lovely setting while I sip a lovely white wine.  Tip:  Buy a bottle of wine in Vines and they will store it behind the bar so you can enjoy it over a few days (or night if necessary). 

Tonight we will meet up with our friends in the Club 6 for the Platinum Elite Lounge, tonight’s drink is the Rob Roy for $5.  We will be sure to dine back in the dining room tonight.  It has been two nights since we were there and we are missing our lovely Daniel and Inna.  Plus I love the Tom Turkey meal.

Daniel helps us play a trick on Ted.  Bernie gets him to send
 over a bill for some champagne
 that he "supposedly" ordered for us.
See the shock in Ted's face.

surprise - got you

my yummy Tom Turkey dinner

We plan to check out the Mardi Gras festivities in the Atrium.  It will be nice to see it as an observer this time as opposed to a participant.

Rootberry was performing in the Atrium and they called me up.  Check it out.  

I will write more tomorrow once we get going again on our next leg.  

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