Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fort Lauderdale February 7, 2015 Beginning of Next Leg

We wake early.  Almost always impossible to sleep in on turn around day.  We toss and turn a bit and we agree we should get the wash in early and done early.

The laundry is located close to our cabin and it is quick and easy to get tokens for the machines since you can scan your cruise card and then charge it to your account. 

With the laundry in we head up to Horizon Court for a small bite to eat.  The place is busy, but because of the better layout it flows so much better and seating is not really a problem today.  Staff quickly ask if we need juice, coffee or tea and replenish the glasses too.

We know there are a lot of in transit passengers today (in transit means passengers are staying on for the next leg too).  I have been told it is just under 400 passengers.   

Today we have the option of heading off at any time and going ashore but if we head off any time we need to wait until around noon when all aboard is made open to come back.  Oh course we can stay out longer as long as we are back before sail away.

Today we also need to change cabins.  We booked a guarantee so we were lucky enough to get the same cabin for the first twenty days, but have to move two cabins down for the next ten days.  We still have the same steward and the layout is the same.  It is also an obstructed balcony view but this really has no obstruction at all, in fact we can see the water quite clearly.  Very nice and no complaints about the cabin.

One thing we noticed is the light just above the bed that comes on when you also turn on the closet area light.  In our old cabin the light above the bed shone bright and we thought that was odd since if someone wanted to discreetly get dressed the light would wake the person in bed.  The new cabin has a light that comes on in the cabin too, but it is by the balcony door and doesn’t disrupt the person sleeping so much.  Then it dawned on me, the other cabin had an upper berth so it could not put the light by the door where the berth was in the ceiling.  The new cabin light layout is much better.

We clean up the old cabin, pack up things on shelves into bags and then when the new cabin is available (Jenny cleaned that cabin right away, she is a dear) we move items by going back and forth.  We are able to just remove the drawers and exchange them with the empty ones with no problem.  Jenny’s manager comes down to help us move, he moves all the items on the hangers to the other room and we thank him but we are able to move everything.  In total the change took about a half hour and it was helpful to do some cleaning up too.  Things got packed away that we don’t need any more or haven’t used.

I decorate the cabin door with a Valentine’s Day theme and finish off the laundry.

As in transit we need to meet in the Princess Theater at 10:30.  Today with more ships in port (six) it is going to be slower than last turn around.  Last turn around we were the only ship in port and it was quick, in fact they called us to the lounge early to go off.  Today when we make our way to the Princess Theater there are still passengers on board in some of the lounges. 

We take a seat in the theater and wait for about a half hour.  At 11 we are led out to the gangway where we bing out on our old card.  The staff (aka Golden Girls) he chants “single file, hold on to the railing” as we head down the escalator (I think it is the same guy who has been manning that escalator for the past ten years).  In fact whenever we use an escalator at home Bernie chats the same thing now.

We are filed into rows of seats and we wait.  The ship needs to arrive at a count of zero passengers before we can go back on.  Also they need to get a custom agent to look at our passports and there are still lines for customs for passengers coming off.  Normally we go thru the customs agent’s booth but today a single agent comes to us and we are asked to open our passports to our picture page and all we do is show him and we are led back on.  Very easy process but today it is long.  In total it was just under 1.5 hours, but this is because of the number of people staying on and the busy day in Port Everglades.

Originally we were going to walk into Fort Lauderdale and pick up some items but I really don’t feel like it.  I don’t need anything important.  Bernie needs a new toothbrush but I tell him for just that we can pick one up in Calypso Cove.  

We are needing to head to the cabin and relax and enjoy the calmness of the ship before everyone gets on.  When I suggest to Bernie that we go to Alfredos for lunch I barely have the words out of my mouth when he is saying “yes”.  He loves Alfredos especially the Royal Pizza.  Of course I got the Sangria and Bernie got the Blue Moon Beer.
It is getting busier on board and there are a few places I want to check out that we normally can’t see.  

Oh I forgot to mention that before we got off this morning I went around and took pictures of quite a few different cabins, including the ones that my Facebook fans from my page requested.  I really like the layout of the inside sideways cabins.  Also loved the full suites forward too. Here is the link to the pictures of the cabins.

Will post all the pics on my fan page when I get home.
So back to our day after lunch.  I want to see the Spa and the Enclave and oh my yes it is beautiful and I wish I could justify the cost of a pass but at $200 for the ten days I just can’t afford it.  I would rather do something else.  In fact we signed up for the Ultimate Ship’s Tour that is $150 each and is more our style. 

I head up to the kids club to see that area.  On the first day before sail away you can check it out.  Gee I wish I could be a kid again.  They have really done an excellent job with this area.  Again I took a ton of pictures but will have to wait to post until I get home.

Up on the top decks I tour the Sanctuary and the Cabanas they have up there.  I think the Sanctuary is a great idea and it does look relaxing up there.  We use to go to the Sanctuary all the time but have stopped when they raised the price.  Cost is $20 for half a day or $40 for a full day.  You can buy a whole cruise pass for a discounted price of $300 for ten days. 

Okay we are both hitting the wall now… we need a nap desperately and the Muster Drill is about to happen so we crawl into bed and try to nap.  But we are woken by announcements in the cabin by Captain Dino.  Now as handsome as he is, being woken by him thru a P.A. is not how I dreamed it would happen.  Don’t tell Bernie.

We enjoy a lovely sail away from the port in our cabin.  The horn blasting the beginning of the Love Boat. We are happy we are on for another leg.

Bernie grabs the coffee card and we head down to the International CafĂ© for a tea and see Trevor Cole is playing his Steel Pan in the Atrium.  What a lovely way to begin a Caribbean holiday.  Trevor says hi to us and we shake our booty to the tunes for a second.  What a great ambassador to Princess Trevor is.  In fact after his set he joins us in Vines for a chat.  He shares pictures of his beautiful wife, his home and his son.  It is always great to connect with the crew, their friendship to us is always a pleasure and we treasure them. 

We dress for dinner and head to our “regular” table.  Daniel and Inna are there to greet us but they are packed.  For the life of me I can’t figure out how they assign the tables.  Seems he gets all the tables.  The section behind us and the one behind Bernie are not even half full but Daniel’s section keeps getting filled. 

Inna and Daniel can handle it but they are so busy.  It is nice to see the head waiters helping out and Franco comes by to say hi and he fills our water glasses and we ask if he could get the white wine to top up my glass.  I feel bad for Daniel, he is so busy he is not able to give the service that he would like to the tables.  But he does shine and once first course and drinks are set on all the tables he regroups and the flow is better. 

After dinner the band New Deal is performing in the Atrium.  There is a large group of dancers on board and the Atrium dance floor is busy with dancers.  The dance floor is large (certainly bigger than the Wheelhouse bar on the Crown Class ships) for dancers.  I grab Bernie’s hand and we dance a bit but boy we are nowhere as good as these dancers around us.  Our friend Rick would love this voyage.

We take a seat in Vines to chat with Ryan and enjoy a glass of wine.  It is late and we are ready for bed. 

Although sleep does not come well for us.  The mattress in this cabin is bad.  It is hard like a rock and you can see that it has seen better days or many larger passengers.  I wake every hour or so in pain on the side that I am sleeping.  I roll over and wake again in agony from this bed.  In the morning I am tired, grumpy and when I look at the mattress I see that mattress is sagging and they have added a pillow top padding to it but something needs to be done I can not handle nine more nights on it. 

I get dressed and drop something to help my aches from the bed and Bernie informs our Cabin Steward that we need a new mattress.  I will keep you informed as to our request.

Movies this voyage are:  Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day; Edge of Tomorrow; Get on Up; Guardians of the Galaxy; Saving Mr. Banks; The Giver; The Hundred-Foot Journey; The Maze Runner.

Princess Theater is showing the same production shows; Spectacular; What the World Needs Now and Colors of the World.  We still haven’t seen What the World Needs Now so will get it in this cruise.

The All Inclusive Drink Package is very popular with many people getting it.  For $49 per day plus gratuity you can get unlimited beverages that are under $10 and includes coffee drinks, water, soda and wine/beer, oh and of course cocktails.


  1. I've never taken a cruise so I had no idea how the life in the cabin might be like...

  2. I hope I don't double post ... I think I lost the first comment. Anyway, great job capturing a day in the life of a cruise! It makes me want to get back out on a cruise! Thanks for posting!

  3. Good overview of daily life on a cruise. I'd definitely go for the all-inclusive drinks!

  4. Good overview of daily life on a cruise - I'd definitely go for the all-inclusive drinks!

  5. All sounds very fancy! Would love to take a cruise someday, good to know what to expect!

  6. Would love to try out a cruise! I might be going to Fort Lauderdale this fall so this has definitely given me some inspiration!