Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Puerto Vallarta

We don’t dock until 10 am and I am shocked when I wake at 9:30 am!  This cold is my excuse or maybe my body just really needs to rest.  

Have to say too that this cabin is so quiet! We are in an inside cabin forward on Baja deck. 

The only noise we tend to hear is when people gather outside their cabin and talk. So that is what woke us this morning and at first I was wondering who the heck is up talking but when I realized it was 9:30 I totally understand.

We are already pulling into the pier.  We are with the Island Princess and a Holland America ship (that left early).  We are docked at the newest part of the pier right across from the Liverpool Shopping Mall. 

this is taken the next sailing, but where this yacht is docked is where we docked this week right across from the Liverpool Mall

Exiting the pier is very quick and easy here as there are not tons of shops or buildings you have to go thru. Which you have to do if you are at the other two piers.  Here there are some tables/shops set up with stuff if you are interested but we just walk off at around 11 am and within five minutes we are on the main drag.

We turn right and walk down the street. Today my goal is to get a manicure.  We find a lovely spa that is located right beside the Starbucks – about five minutes walking from the pier.  

The spa is called Diamond Spa and I had an amazing manicure and all for just $15 US – I made sure to tip her well.

We flag down a taxi to take us to our next stop which is our favorite Seafood Restaurant – La Langosta Feliz – read our blogs from last year in May when we were here for two weeks.  This restaurant came recommended by a Captain we know and we are now hooked.  Oh and taxi was only $4 US – probably a bit more from the pier, maybe $5
First thing was a cold drink.  

For me a mango margarita, for Bernie a Pacifico.

Bernie gets the red snapper with garlic sauce. For me I get the shrimp (garlic and also coconut).  Huge portions!

After our great meal we decide to walk back to the main drag where we jump on a local bus to take us back to the pier.

We stop at Sorianas first (which is a large department/food store – we rather shop local than a large international store like Wal-Mart). 

We pick up a few necessary items and we are still looking for a few items for the crew.  So we walk over to Liverpool Mall but still no luck.  But we did score some yummy ice cream.

We are back on board around 5:30 and head to the cabin to watch a movie.  

All aboard is 7:30 and we don’t venture out till just past sail away.

Explorer’s Lounge is doing a Seinfeld Trivia – oh boy you would think after watching all the shows I would remember some of it. Nope we did pretty bad but it was fun to play with Lisa.

For dinner we are not too hungry so we just head up to the Horizon Court which is featuring a Mexican Buffet.  We don’t eat much (still full from lunch) but it hit the spot.

Bernie wants a martini but I am heading back to the cabin.

There is not much happening tonight.  In fact it feels deserted.  One activity is the Vocal Stylings of Cheaza who does a tribute to Whitney Houston.  Also happening tonight is Liars Club Gameshow; Country and Western Music Quiz and night.

Tomorrow is Mazatlan

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