Sunday, February 5, 2017

Turn Around Day - Saturday

Well you already know that I was up early.  I later returned to the cabin and we did a load of wash.  I know we get free laundry but it works but it really doesn't get items really clean.  For example a shirt Bernie had with a mark on it on the front did not get removed after the ship's wash but came out perfect as we did are wash.

We shower and dress and tidy up the cabin.  Our new mini bar is delievered and we just leave it on the desk as we want to trade out many of the items, but wait until tomorrow to get thru to them.

Our In Transit gathering spot is Wheelhouse Bar at 10:15.  But we head off the ship around 9:30 to do a few errands. 

Oh you know how often they are looking for the missing In Transit people to meet up.  Well we were told later when we reboarded that they were looking for us and another couple. Gee didn't they realize that we binged out at 9:30 with our old cards?  So when you get angry that someone hasn't shown up for in transit cutsoms clearance it could actually be that they are not even on the ship.  That they were missed.

We walk to Starbucks and then to a Dollar Store.  We want to get some treats for the crew for Valentines Day.  Then to Rite Aide to get some toilitries that should tie us over until the end of the voyage.

Our favorite little restaurant for great Mexican is our next stop for lunch and doesn't disappoint.

After lunch we decide to head back to the ship.  We arrive around 1:30 and flash our in transit cards and head right to security and then on to the ship.  We did notice that the security line was a bit long and slow but all other areas were very fast and no lines and they were boarding people right away.

Once back on board we drop our bags and put our things away.  And we are tired so just relax a bit and Bernie even naps for a bit.  But it is very very noisy around the ship as people find their cabins, get bags delivered and people unpack and drawers and cupboards slam shut.  This is normal but also means it is impossible to nap.

I wander around for a bit and pick up a drink and people watch.  The crowds/demographics are very similar to last cruise.  I find out later there are over 800 first time Princess cruisers.

Muster Drill is about to happen so we head to the cabin and relax during the drill.  Remember if you are in transit you do not need to attend the Muster Drill (well you can if you want but not required - however after 30 days on board you are asked to re attend).  So we lay in the cabin and listen to the drill (as it is broadcast ship wide, including your cabin).  Oh and later that night we did get a letter (as did the coulpe across from our cabin who is also in transit) saying we did not attend the drill and that we would have to attend one the next day.  A call to the Purser's Desk to tell them we were in transit and they said sorry they made an error and sent it to everyone in error.  That is the first time we have had that happen.

Up to the Sun Deck for the sailaway party and we run into our friend Karen and her friend Barb who is travelling with her.  She is from Vancouver too and we have sailed with her before.

Back to the cabin to clean up and dress for dinner.  We are heading to the Salty Dog tonight.  We couldn't get thru to the Dine Line to make a reservation all day so we gave up and just showed up at the restaurant and we had no problem getting a table; however I know that a reservation is recommended.

This time I start with the short rib poutine and then the mushroom ragout with fried egg.  Very good but prefer the burger.  For dessert I had the doughnuts and mocha mousse.  Gee I know I am not getting the names correct.  I will post pictures later and the correct name and description when I get home and can review my notes.

After we just wander around.  We skip the welcome aboard party as it is the same comedian and we are tired.

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