Monday, February 6, 2017

2nd Sea Day - Monday

I wake and feel very rested.  I dress quickly to head to speed suduko but when I get there we soon all realize that there was an error.  The Patter says speedy scrable, but the online version says speedy suduko.  Oh well - I suck at scrabble so I just return to the cabin.

I shower and get ready and we are down in the International Cafe enjoying our coffees.  They are having the big bijoux sale today so there is a long queue until the shop opens then it flows well. 

After about an hour we head up to Crooners to a bit more quiet.

Here we run into Jerry and Nanette where we catch up with them.  Then we head to the Pub Lunch together where I enjoy fish and chips!

Back to Crooners to talk some more until we agree we should head out to the balcony to watch for whales.

And boy were we not disappointed.  We are sailing right past Cabo San Lucas. I swear we saw around a 100 sightings of whales - now sometimes it was the same whale reappearing but it was truly a lovely sight.

Also there were lots of dolphins playing in the wake.

So many were out on their decks enjoying the natural beauty.

We all enjoyed a bottle of wine and great company with great friends.

When we left I took the elevator up to the Lido deck and when I got in there were a few others and the Captain.  I thanked him for the great show of wildlife!

Tonight we are dining at Share again at 7 pm.  It is also formal night. 

Once Upon a Dream is being performed in the Princess Theater at 8 and 10 pm.

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  1. Say Hi to Jerry & Nanette for us! We're picking them up at the end of the cruise and going out to lunch together. So we won't be on board early! Continue enjoying your time! Love you all!!