Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wednesday Evening

After resting, showering and dressing for the evening we head to Adagio bar for the Most Travelled Cocktail Party.

We pose for pictures with the Captain – great pic and he even signed the frame.

Lisa and Elkie join us for drinks – it was so nice to see them again and catch up.  

The party is over in an hour and well I have to say that of all the parties we have attended I normally enjoy the cocktail party over the lunch.  But this cocktail party did not live up to the other cocktail parties at all.  

The food they came around which was minimal (normally there is such great food that we skip dinner). They had a meatball, a sushi roll, a shrimp, and a piece of sashimi. Later they came around with a bit of lobster with a parmesan crisp. 

So if you don’t like seafood you are out of luck and enjoy the meatball.

The company and the drinks were the best part of the party.

So since we were still hungry after a few nibbles we decide to head to the dining room.  Michelangelo was not too busy and we got a table for two.  It is Italian night and we start out with a salad and then I get the chicken.

It was all very good.  We had a great meal, and it was nice to spend the time reflecting on the day.

After dinner Bernie wants his dessert – a Bugsy Martini so we are off to Crooners for a drink or two.

Tonight is the Love Boat Disco Deck Party so we head up there.  It is being held at the Muts Pool as the Love Boat Cast makes an appearance. It was great to see the dancers there too and so impressed because they did two shows tonight of Once Upon a Dream.

Bernie and I are up on Sun deck dancing away and really enjoying ourselves.

Lou and Ken approach us introducing themselves and how he reads my blog.  So we chat for a bit and pose for pics! 

Nice couple and Happy Birthday Ken!

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