Tuesday, February 14, 2017

First Two Sea Days

I haven't been posting for two reasons.  First things are very similar to the last two cruises.  Second wifi has been intermittent from our cabin location at least - not sure about elsewhere.  I can usually get on but then getting to a webpage is difficult.  So I just log out and take it as a sign that I should post later.  But overall the wifi has been pretty good - we have certainly seen it a lot worse.

For the first sea day we went to the buffet in Horizon Court and I was very impressed with the food.  I especially enjoyed the sandwich station.  Now many other ships have this too but this one was especially great with lots of different spreads and salad mixtures - chicken, egg, tuna etc.   I also enjoyed the spring roll and beef satay.

The next sea day we were up there again for lunch and it was exactly the same buffet.  Spring Rolls, beef satay, fried chicken, thai soup - exactly the same.  I have never seen them repeat buffets.  Of course there is still lots of choices even if they are repeated but it is not what I have seen before.

There have been tons of activites throughout the days.  Including yesterday the martini demonstration for which I was able to shake my stuff to Beyonce's All the Single Ladies!  And an appletini was my reward.

The weather this cruise is way better than the first leg, and even better than the last leg.  By noon on the second day the sun was out and many were out on the sun decks enjoying the sun. By the second day it was hot and the sun was strong - although in the shade it could be cool.

I did go down to Promenade deck to watch for whales on the open deck. Today there are more white caps in the water making it much more difficult to spot the whales spouting. But we do spot a few and one breeched very close to the ship.

I also saw lots of dolphins and turtles.  My funny of the day was when a woman approached and asked if we had seen whales and when we said yes she commented "does Princess feed them to get them to come".  Ahh no these whales are in nature and they are in their breeding grounds currently, we just happen to be sailing right by them.

Dinner last night was at Share.  We wanted to Ayyleen again as our server and she truly did not disappoint.  She knows her stuff and she is so professional.

We enjoyed some Proseco - thank you HGM - wine and then port.  Dinner was six courses of true bliss.  We were stuffed!  I am going to miss eating here.

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