Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mazatlan - Relaxing Day

I had a night of minimal sleep.  Not really sure why but I was awake at 4 am and tossed and turned.  When Bernie woke at 8:30 he turned and said that we should just stay on.  I know he is right.  I need to sleep or I will not be a good travel companion and my patience will be minimal.  And we were here last week and had a great day and we are back next week too.

Bernie dressed and went out and I rolled over and feel asleep finally.

There is an Crew Emergency Drill happening and they make announcements that can be heard in the cabin so it is hard to sleep too much but I sleep in between announcements.

When I finally woke at 11 we both doned our bathing suits and lots of sunscreen and went up to deck 16 forward where there was no one and settled in.

It is very hot and we needed to cool off periodically in the pool.  Oh and the pools were cold but once we were in it was perfect and we were so very hot getting in so anything would of been cold.

The new group of dancers on board are practicing the Love Boat Disco Deck Party - boy that must be hot.

We relax in the sun for quite a few hours.  Lots of sunscreen!  I am not getting burned in odd spots like last week.  And there are a lot of people walking around with bad sun burns.

I wander around and take some pictures of the area from ship so that I can later put up more detailed information on where things are and how to get to it from the ship.

Around 3 we head back to the cabin to shower and tidy up.  We decide to head to the Happy Hour in the Wheelhouse bar.

Happy Hour means you buy one drink at full price and you get the exact same drink for a $1.  It is busy but not as crazy as it is when we are at sea where it is crazy!  Dominique takes care of us -- yes she has moved from Crooners to Wheelhouse this voyage. 

Jerry joins us for drinks.  I had the Captain's Bounty and after two I am feeling good!

Happy Hour last two hours which is kind of long.  It isn't like I can drink more than two drinks anyhow but I guess it gives people more time to enjoy a drink at least.

Even though we stayed on, there are a lot of activities happening if you want to stay busy. 

Things happening are Morning Trivia, Movie Jason Bourne, Pictionary, golf putting challenge, carpet bowl challenge, 80's music trivia, afternoon tea, and Mariachi sailaway party.

After happy hour we head back to the cabin to change for the evening.

The Most Travelled Cocktail Party is happening at 7 pm in Adagio.  It is exactly the same as last week.  We pose for a picture, we say hi to some of the officers and we take a seat.  Today we are sitting with Gidea the Crew Manager and the Future Cruise Consultant (sorry forgot her name).  It is nice to chat with them and we know so many people that they do.  We also enjoy learning more about South Africa.

After the party we decide to head down to Salty Dog again.  It is 8 pm so there is no problem getting in.  In fact for most of the meal we are the only people there.  The meal was really good.  This time I had the soup and grilled cheese and then the mini burger - but we can't finish it all, we are stuffed. 

Tonight there doesn't seem to be a lot happening but that could just be us as we were on last week so some things we don't want to see again. 

Events tonight are:  Showtime is vocal stylings of Rebecca Jean The Girl from Oz.  Love Boat Disco Deck Party Dance Class in club fusion, Comedy Showtime at 7 and 8:45 of A. J. Jamal, Effy is having a party, $500 Blackjack Tournament, Karaoke, Love Boat Disco Deck Party.

Oh it was Italian Night in the dining room.

For us we wander around a bit after dinner but we both agree to just call it a night and head back to the cabin to relax - but we are asleep just before 10:30.  Guess we needed it.


  1. Vickie please tell Gidea we said HI and send hugs. She saved us in Nice! Thanks!

    We are enjoying cruising through you right now as we are in Hawaii. Just watched the Queen Elizabeth arrive on its World Cruise and are going down to the Aloha Tower to see the Grand Princess. Have fun.

    1. Saw her and passed on the msg. She says hi and a big hug

  2. Jeannie, So happy Vicki is filling the gap left when you stopped blogging! We cruise HAL from the 19th to the 5th. Will either of you be blogging in March? Excited to try a different line, much as we LOVE Princess!

    1. Glad you are enjoying it. We may be sailing in april just depends. Stay tuned

  3. I have enjoyed your blog the last 2 weeks. We board tomorrow. Thanks

  4. I have enjoyed your blog the last 2 weeks. We board tomorrow. Learned a lot. Thanks.