Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday Night on the Ruby - ARGH Dining Room Issues

We dress for dinner and head to Vines to meet up with Karen and Barb.  Just after 7 pm we head to Michalangelo Dining Room (Anytime all evening) and request a table for four.  But they said if we join two others they can accommodate us.  So we said sure but then we are told to wait.  Not long though.

We are sat at a table and we introduce ourselves.  The other couple is from Nevada.

Sadly things went downhill from there when it came to service and food.  I started with the pineapple and prickly pear salad which was good.  Bernie and Karen got the crab and artichoke dip which came and it looked horrible - kind of like cat food.  It was so dry and had obviously been sitting for a long time.

Then we wait and wait - almost 20 minutes before the entrees come.

Eveyone gets their entree but I am waiting for mine. I ordered the Fetticini Alfredo - the one off the always available items. Everyone is eating but me - I am told they are backed up in the galley. 

Finally I get it and it is hot and good but a very small portion - almost an appetizer portion.

Bernie had the seafood skewer and the shrimp were burned on one side, the salmon was overcooked and dry, the scallops were good he said.  He was very disappointed.  No one came to ask how the meal was. 

I really didn't want to stay for dessert - I wanted to call it a night but the rhubarb napolean sounded good so I got that and it was very good and glad I ordered it.  Barb got the Volcano Sundae - try it!

So tonight's meal was sort of the breaking point.  Last sailing we had issues in the dining room - although food was good service was lacking.  Tonight it was both. In all dinner took an hour and 45 minutes. And the dining room was not even full, maybe 3/4 full.

I know this is not unique to Anytime as I have heard from others that Traditional Dining is experiencing issues too. 

But after dinner we both agreed that we are going to eat elsewhere for dinner from now on for the rest of this trip.  We do have friends coming on next voyage so we may dine again in the dining room then but we are going to limit it. 

After dinner we thought of going to the Production Show Magic to Do but decided to pass and head up on deck for a bit of a walk.  It is a little cool but rather pleasant. Then we agree to put on our bathing suits and have a good soak in the hot tub.  It was just what we needed and felt great.

Other things happening tonight are:  Cocktails at Effy store, Magic to Do, Majority Rules Game Show, 70's Night, Famous Faces Trivia, MUTS is showing Doctor Strange.


  1. I'm assuming you talk to the head waiter or maitre de when these experiences occur. They should be made aware!

  2. MDR is definitely not designed to be a McDonalds fast food joint :) Cruise ships are built to cook and serve the food in two shifts for the majority folks in my opinion. Your story confirms our thinking that anytime dining is not the best option for good fast service. We dined at 530 PM on the Ruby Jan 21-28 and service was flawless, we had all food completed before 7PM.

    I know we are 'old school' but we are very happy Platinum folks with 7 Traditional Princess
    MDR experiences on 6 different ships too!

    Anytime folks beware and good luck with that , not us ever :) Now back to my diet LOL

    1. you make some good points. Yes this is not suppose to be fast food. But this is definately not the "normal" Princess experience. In our almost 70 princess cruises we rarely see this. Sadly it is also an issue in the Traditional Dining room too. But everyone does see and experience things differently. I can only say what we have experienced and our friends on board have experienced - In tradional. I hope Ruby figures things out.