Monday, February 20, 2017

Last Day and Disembarkation

The last day is always sad.  Especially after such an amazing trip.  

It is hard to believe we left home and have been to three countries and three very different types of holidays. Peruvian journey, Disneyland, and Mexican Cruise.

The last day is spent first sleeping in!  Bernie and I head to Horizon Court for lunch and again the buffet is exactly the same as the day prior.  I have never seen this before like it is on the Ruby.  This happens only during lunch and there is still a lot of options to choose from but it surprises me.

We make the rounds of the ship stopping to chat with people we know - passengers and crew.  

Bernie is feeling quite melancholy as he knows that some we will never see again and those that we will see again won't be for a long time.

Barb and Craig have us over for drinks and we sit and chat for quite a long time.  Great cruise friends that I have a lot of respect for.

Tonight is Mongolian Stir Fry at the Cafe Caribe tonight.  Each week this theme has gotten more popular.  Tonight it doesn't disappoint.

Be warned though that they obviously don't clean the fry pan between each person's dish as I got corn kernels when I did not put in any on my plate, also got two pieces of chicken but I wanted vegetarian.  So if you have an allergy to something make sure to let them know.   

After dinner we consider going to see Magic to Do again tonight but we are both a little sad and just want to go back to the cabin and pack up.  

Note they did Magic to Do the last night mainly because the new singers and dancers required more time to rehearse, but normally it is not on the last night.

We are doing walk off - group one tomorrow and our meeting time is 8 am.  We already have one bag packed with our Peruvian clothes.  We pack up the other two bags quite efficiently.  All bags are way underweight (surprise).

The next morning we dock at 7 am and we are cleared around 7:30.  As soon as we head down (7:45) to deck 7 to go to our lounge they have already called our group so we just join the queue to get off.

There is a couple in front of us who clearly are not doing walk off as they have no bags at all.  I am sure they are sneaking off early.  We comment wow you sure packed light. The guys says yeah they accidently took our bags last night.  

Right I think.... I tell him you know they won't have your bags out ready for you when you get off you know.  His wife is telling him "i told you"!  The security asks them what group they are and they can't answer and when they finally confess Aqua 2 security tells them they can't get off yet. They are directed back on.  

We are off quickly, thru customs within 5 minutes and outside by 8:15.

We are heading to LAX and we see a PrimeTime Shuttle that needs two so we join the group for $17 per person to the airport.  Effortless.

Our flight with Air Canada is noon and we arrive in plenty of time.  We splurged with air miles and are flying back business class.  

Once in Vancouver we quickly clear customs and the wait for the bags begins.  Vancouver is really bad a baggage delivery - I know they don't have enough staff.  Our bags are tagged priority but it still took almost a half hour just for the bags to arrive at the carousel.

We are home by 3:45 and unpacking begins.

Stay tuned.  I will be tweaking the blog posts and adding more pictures from the Ruby now that I have my computer and free wifi.  But work comes first so will try to do a bit each night.

Thanks for following.


  1. Vickie, I just discovered your blog and such about a week or so ago and have really enjoyed reading about your trips. My wife and I are getting on the Ruby in April for the Mexican Riviera for our 1st cruise ever...actually our 1st "real" vacation together. We are so excited and reading your blogs and watching some of your videos has been very informative and I want to thank you for taking the time to post them. I really want to get the most out of the time we will have so I keep looking for all the helpful hints I can find out there.
    Thank you again.

    1. thank you so much for your lovely comments - comments like yours keep me going.

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