Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Monday Evening - Dinner at Share

Tonight we are dining at Share.  Our reservation is for 7 and we start with a drink in Skywalker's Elite Lounge.

I order a Cosmo and notice they have the menu cards on the table.  This is a good idea because normally we can order any of the drinks from the elite menu but since this is a 7 day voyage there are a few less choices.  Last week I ordered a mojito and was charged full price. Normallly this is one of the choices (or at least on a longer voyage) but not on a 7 day voyage.  So take note.

We are sat at a table that is well I think way too big for 2, but great for 4 or 6.  Our waiter introduces himself - sorry I forgot his name but he is from Serbia.  He explained the menu to us and we asked for a wine suggestion and he had a great suggestion.

We had brought up one of the coupons from the coupon book that gives you 15% off a bottle of wine when you order one in a specialty restaurant.  Problem is later we notice it was not put thru.  We are working on getting the Purser's staff to correct it.

I purposely did not bring my camera and just wanted to enjoy the meal and the company so I am not going to report on each item but rest assured it was amazing.

I absolutely loved the salad.  The poached lobster was amazing but very rich.  I had the mushroom ragout that was also amazing and very flavourful and couldn't finish because I was getting full and wanted to save room for dessert.

The dessert was the cheesecake that again was so yummy! 

We left very full and happy.

We then attended the Once Upon a Dream Show - which we have no seen in years.  Really enjoyed it and especially enjoyed chatting with this lovely lady (Betty) beside me who is in her 80s and told me she marched in the Women's March.  So impressive! 

Later when we got back to the cabin we had officially received our invite to the Most Travelled Party which is Wednesday night.

I then checked our on board account and noticed that we did not receive the discount for the wine and we were charged twice for the Share Cover Charge. 

First thing in the morning Bernie goes down to get it fixed.  Removing the extra Share Charge was not an issue.  But getting the 15% discount was an issue and we have to check back later.  So if you are going to use one of the coupons double check that it is processed.

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