Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Monday – Sea Day

Okay I would like to take a moment to thank my wonderful husband for sharing his cold with me. I kept waking up throughout the night with a throat that felt like it had knives in it. First thing this morning I could barely talk. 

I knew I needed to rest so I stayed in bed while Bernie dressed and went out.  Around 10 am I got up and showered and dressed and I was feeling better but my throat is sore. A good cup of hot tea helped to soothe it.

The IC is packed – lots of things going on  and one thing is the $10 Bijoux sale. 

Since I missed breakfast we go to the dining room for lunch where we sit at a table for two and have a great meal.  The soups are great (not salty either like the first one we had) so I started with a vegetable soup that had meatballs in it – called Mexican Soup.  For my main I had parmesan chicken which again was very very good.

We are both tired and when Bernie heads back to the cabin to watch tv and relax I head up on deck for some sun and reading. 

It is a bit overcast but the sun is nice and misleading and there are sunburned people walking around tonight to prove how intense the sun can be on overcast days.  I lay and read, nap for a bit, read some more, repeat.

We did see whales form the ship – note we are just around Cabo currently. It was fun to watch the juvenal whales playing, smacking their tails three or four times before diving. 

Others told me they had seen dolphins and turtles too. Sorry didn’t get a pic of the whales as I didn’t bring a camera up on deck with me.

Around 3 I head back down to the cabin and Bernie is just starting a new movie called the Hollars which was a cute movie but I will say I really miss the Royal’s On Demand TV system.

We nap for an hour or so after the movie.  How can we be so tired? Well I guess two weeks of intense touring around Peru, four days at Disney will do that to you. It is really nice to just have guilt free total relaxing days.

Tonight is the first formal night.  We did not bring formal wear this trip due to limited bags but we do dress for the evening and I wear my beautiful shawl I got in Peru.  Oh such good memories.  We make our way down to Vines and sit at the back and watch the people.

The Captain’s Champagne Waterfall is at 7 and it is lovely to see everyone mingling around in their finest. I will say that this cruise has a mixed bag of those that are dressed up. 

Some just in smart casual and some in very formal wear. I have learned to accept the situation and realize how others dress does not in any way affect my cruise.

The Patter does state that if you are to dine in Anytime or Traditional Dining room  you need to be dressed in formal attire. I am not sure if they enforced it as we are not dressed formally so we did not go.

Instead we have reservations at the Salty Dog for 7 pm. 

However when we show up they don’t have our reservation. 

Hmm weird as we just made it yesterday.  They do say the can accommodate us but since a large party just sat it may take a bit more time for the food to come out.  No problem we say. 

William sits us at our table.  We get sparkling water and Bernie gets a beer.  We are served cheese sticks with a pot of warm dipping cheese sauce.

Wild Mushroom Saute 

macaroni with lobster and foam

Crab Cake

Ernesto Burger

lemon dessert

my yummy dessert

Edward is here – we remember him from the Crown last summer. Such a great guy.  We even noticed when a woman had trouble standing he came to her aid and made sure she made it up and to her cabin okay.  That is not only a great crew member but a great man.

You pick two items from the menu, and I will say it was hard to choose.  I started with the macaroni and cheese with lobster.  

Next I got the burger which came with sweet potato fries. OMG that burger is not big in size but the patty is huge and I really enjoyed the hot peppers on it.  

For dessert I had the chocolate pot of crème with the salted caramel popcorn – again what a great pairing.  

The price is now $12 and I would say it was well worth it and a nice alternative to the dining room/Horizon Court or other specialty restaurants.  I especially enjoyed the live music in the Wheelhouse too.  

I am pretty sure we will be back.

A stop in Crooners for a martini and chat with Dominique from Peru and we are off to Club Fusion for the 50/60s Music Trivia where we sat with three sisters and one of their husbands.  We did not do that bad but came in second but more importantly we had fun.

We thought of heading to Colors of the World Production Show but we thought we will check it out next sailing. Instead we walked around and chatted with some passengers – shout out to cruise mates from Mission who approached me to say hi and introduce themselves and say they read my blog.  Hope to get to chat with them some more another time.

We decide to head to Explorers for Mark’s Where in the World Am I trivia – where Bernie and I -- well how can I put it – sucked but again it was fun and always nice to see Mark.

There was a lot going on tonight.  Production Show like I said, at 8 and 10 pm (the early shows seems to be packed with hard to find seats if you don’t go early – second show is much better).

Also happening was the Yes No Gameshow in Explorers, Flashdance Into the 80’s, Party Band Fusion plays in Club Fusion, MUTS is showing Sing Street, Animal Planet Trivia.

I have more pictures but due to limitied wifi will post them when I get home.


  1. I am glad to see you enjoyed the Salty Dog. When did the price go down, or was this a special they were offering? We will be on the Ruby in April and looking forward to that Salty Dog burger. Has there been a pub lunch on your cruise. Rumors are that it is no more. Do you have any insight?

    1. not sure when it went down but yeah we noticed it this voyage and are impressed. Yes there was a pub lunch the first sea day like normal. Also dining room was open first day at lunch for everyone. Have a great cruise. was thinking of you the other day as you were on with us the last time we were on.

  2. Glad I introduced myself to you Vickie. Would like to ask you a couple questions. Saw you last night leaving the Seinfeld game. We went to the Liars game and came in first place. Had the exquisite, award winning Princess Champagne �� at breakfast in the main dining room with our travelling companions from Maple Ridge you met in the International Cafe. Will keep an eye out for you. Paul

    1. hey Paul, yes we sucked at Seinfeld trivia, so glad you won Liar's club. staying on tomorrow should be around atrium most of day

  3. We are having lunch with my Aunt and Uncle on shore at Solomon's. They live in Kamloops but winter in their condo in San José del Cabo. Will watch out for you and Bernie onboard.