Friday, February 3, 2017

Thursday Night - Share Restaurant

A lot happening tonight.  It is formal night and there are formal portrait stations set up all over.

Activities happening include: LGBT get together, Mariachi Music in the Piazza, A Tribute to Neil Diamon with Jumari 6:30, 8, and 10:15, Movie on MUTS Jack Reacher: Never Go Back 6:30 and 8 pm, Yellow Diamond Event and Raffle, Los Brillantes in the Piazza, Production Show Magic to Do at 8 pm and 10 pm, Latin Dance Hour in Club Fusion, The Marriage Match Game at 9:15, Karaoke Madness, Grand Piazza Gala Party and Balloon Drop at 10:45 and a lot more.

We head to Crooners for a few drinks and chat with a man named Hugo who is from Italy - in fact his brother is the Captain.  We had seen them together and they do look a like.  Was really interesting chatting about Genoa (where he is from) and hearing about his travels.

We arrive at Share and are sat at a lovely table for two by the window.  Our waiter Allyne from the Philippines is the same lady who showed us the food the other day at the open house.

Elkie recommends an Austrian wine and it is very good.

I have to say we thoroughly enjoyed our meal - probably one of the best we have had on board.  

The courses keep coming and the food is rich but because it is a longer meal it can be savoured and enjoyed with bits of wine and great conversation.

We loved Share so much we booked it for the next sailing too. 

Now for my recommendation - if you are into food, flavours, experiencing food then you will like Share.  If you are more of a meat and potatoes kind of person then it may not be your thing. 

We left Share at 8:15 so it was just over two hours. 

We both want to see Magic To Do so head to the theater for 8:30 to ensure we get a good seat.

The show is amazing.  Well done Princess.  Certainly not at all like their other shows this is more of a production.  Like seeing a play on Broadway.  The dancers and singers totally wowed me.

One thing is because the show is more like see a musical/production show I could see some people not wanting to see it again but we certainly would.  But maybe not two weeks in a row.  Sort of like seeing the same movie twice.

After the show we are tired and head to bed but there is still a lot happening including the balloon drop in the Piazza.


  1. Enjoyed your review of SHARE. We tried it on the Emerald shortly after it was operational and enjoyed it so much we went back a couple of times. It was so disappointing to read about people bashing the place without even trying it. I do wish Princess would reduce the price a bit though.

  2. Im glad you tried Share and shared (haha) your experience. It sounds as though you had a lovely time. Checking out the menu online, I know it isn't something I would enjoy and will stick with the steak. :)