Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cabo San Lucas

We wake and realize we are anchored in the harbour of Cabo San Lucas.  Tenders are required here and they are giving out tender tickets in Michalangelo Dining Room. 

But for us we are staying on.  I know sounds boring but because last tender is 1:15 and by the time we are up and ready we really would not have that much time ashore. We love Cabo but unless we had something really planned we are better off staying on today. There is a restaurant we love to visit but it is open only from lunch onwards and it is a bit far from the pier so it is fruitless to head there.

Instead we head to the International Cafe and enjoy two coffees and a bite to eat.  The staffing here has improved this voyage I am happy to say.

The IC is very very quiet though and most servers are just wandering around chatting up with everyone.

Have to say I love the three guys who work at the IC food bar handing out the food.  So lovely and I especially love when they are putting the food out and they are singing.

I had a good giggle when this woman approaced one of the staff and said where is the gangway adn the crew said "there is no gangway this is a tender port and you have to go to deck 4 to the tender boat as tender tickets are no longer required".  The woman with frustration said "but we were told the gangway is on deck 7 why do they keep changing it".  The crew member patiently said again just head down one deck and board the next tender and offered to show her.  We giggled and said to each other "boy deck 7 would be fun to try and board a tender - maybe it is a zip line".

There are a lot of interesting comments and incidents since there are so many new cruisers.  Some are cute, some are downright funny.   You forget what it is like to be on a ship when you sail so often. But saying that some things just are really just common sense.  Like the woman who compained that there is just too much food options in the buffet - well you don't have to eat it all.

We change into our bathing suits and slather the 30 SPF sunscreen on and head up to the main pool for some sun.  There are a lot of lounge chairs around as many are off. The views are stunning and the pool is quiet.

It is hot!  And we have to occasionally submerge in the pool just to cool off.  It is cool the pool but within a minute your body gets use to it. 

As the day continues it gets busier and busier but there were still lounge chairs to be had around the pool. 

I grab a hotdog and fries for lunch and enjoy the ice carving demo and then the bar wars.

As we sail away from Cabo we watch the whales and even see a turtle!  Dolphins too! I will add that we had so many people that were trying to see whales but after only a few minutes would give up.  If you want to look for wildlife you need to look out at the water!  Scan the horizon back and forth and look for disruption in the water.  You will be surprised at what you see!  Today we probably saw around 50 sightings of whales and dolphin. 

This couple that was standing beside us at the railing commented that these whales don't breech and jump but the ones in Puerto Vallarta do.  Ahhh what? we say... yes these ones do.  No he insists he has never seen these ones breech.  Well we saw many of the jump the other day when we were sailing south.  He insists they don't.  Yup I am not making this stuff up.

Around 3:30 we are back down in the cabin showering and relaxing.

It is formal night tonight and we dress and head up to the Horizon Court for Dinner - their theme is Fisherman's Corner (but there were lot of non seafood items too).

Our Captain Circle Party is at 7;15 - the most travelled this voayge is Mr. James Tang and Ms Linda Lin with 1793 days!  Wow that is a lot of days.  We are #9 and #10 most travelled but a long ways from their # of days for sure.

We sit with Colleena's (Captain Circle Host's) Dad at the party along with our friends we are sailing with. 

After the party we meet up with Lisa for some wine in Vines and catch up with how she has been.  It is a real treat to be sailing with her again.

Oh I should add while I am thinking about it.  We saw a few people that came back from shore with the palm leaf hats that they make.  One guy had one with an iguana made on top of it.  They are really cute hats.  But remember you can not bring them back into the US.  No agricultural items can be brought ashore in the US.  No flowers, fruits or plants including hats made from palm leaves.

Evening Activities included: Mariachi Melodies with Trio Los Brillantes, Comedy and Magic Showtime with R. J. Lewis, Movies Under the Stars Jack Reacher, Never Go Back, Yellow Diamonds Event and Raffle, The Vocal Stylings of Sonia Selbie, Piano and Cocktails with Alex Howland, Latin Hour with DJ Walter, The Marriage Match Game, Karaoke Madness, and the Grand Piazza Gala Party and Balloon Drop.


  1. Vickie
    We are going on the Royal in Jan 2018 .
    You mentioned where the evening Elite/Platinum/Suite lounge is .
    Where was it located when you where on it ?

    1. On the royal it is normally club 6. We are looking at being on jan 2018 too

  2. Cool) I love Cabo San Lucas. Amazing