Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Today room service is delivered right on time.  We tried the online order last night.  It was easy to complete and it is exactly like the paper one but no worry of it not getting picked up or taken. Once you place the order you receive a confirmation.

We dock early (7 am) but we are meeting up with Paula until 9:30.  Oh first I should apologize I have been calling Paula by the name Lisa by accident, even referred to her in my blog by Lisa yesterday.  I will go back and correct it later. 

But today I got it straight – we now call her Lisa/Paula.
We get off and jump on the trolley that takes you from the ship to the pier shops and gate. 

As soon as we step off the trolley we are approached by many people selling us tours, timeshares, taxis, tequila, t shirts and everything else as you walk the gaulette to the exit. 

But we make it, but if you are interested you can buy tons of things here.

Today we are heading to Stone Island.  Prior to today I did some research and found out how easy it is to go to Stone Island independently. The ship does have a tour here and I am sure it is great but we are looking for a totally different experience. 

So as soon as you exit the pier turn left, walk along the sidewalk for about five minutes. 

You will come to the end of the road and on your left is a secure area that looks like a military compound – obviously don’t go there. 

But straight ahead is a sign that says Stone Island and a path, walk down it for a few minutes and you come across a building that sells the tickets.  It was 30 pesos each for a return ticket.  We walk down to the pier and board the little boat (they have lifejackets). The ride is very very short.

When you get off the boat just follow the path to the beach and find a nice place to lounge and have a drink or food.

For us we stopped at Carlittas. Alex came down and talked to us and it looked good so we took up three lounge chairs and an umbrella.

Victors (which was recommended quite a bit on other sites) was just two restaurants away but it was not open today (it may just be open on weekends).

So this is where we hung out for the rest of the day.  Bernie got a bucket of beers, I got a margarita and we got food a little later on.

Service was great, food was good, drinks were cold and Alex even replenished the ice for our drinks too. There are clean washrooms here too and even a shower.

When we were ready to go we just walked back to the pier and a boat was there (but I am sure you would not have to wait long).

We got off the boat at 3:05 and we were on board the ship at 3:20 so it is not far.

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