Thursday, February 16, 2017


We once again sleep soundly and are woken to the sound of room service knocking.  They are 15 minutes early (8:15 - requested 8:30-9) but they are busy and probably just getting a jump on things.  I roll over and wait for alarm to go off while Bernie sips his tea.

Today we slather on the sunscreen (using the 60 SPF now) so we don't get fried. There is a light breeze and the sun is out in full force and it can be misleading.

We meet Lydia and Marco at Vines and we head ashore.  Here in Mazatlan you dock at their industrial pier.  So you will see containers ready for shipping all over the dock.  Becausse of this it is not safe to walk to the gate so there is a small train shuttle with benches that shuttles people back and forth.  It is very efficient and fast and we have never had to wait for one. 

Once we jump off the shuttle we are ushered into the maze of the shops and people selling tours, taxis, tastings for tequilla, and time shares.  We focus and just keep walking to the gate.

We are heading back to Stone Island and we are heading there independently.  We exit the gate and turn left.  Keep walking till the end of the street (maybe 10 minutes if that).  You will see a Naval Base on your left when you come to the end and a path with fences on both sides. 

There is a sign that says Stone Island Water Taxi.  Just walk down the path and buy your ticket from the booth.  Today I paid more attention to the cost.  Written right on the wall is the price 30 Pesos for a round trip.  Which technically should be $1.50 US at the bank exchange rate of 20% but we rarely get that.  Here the conversion is $2 US for 30 Pesos.  No biggie we will survive.  Last week we paid with a $5 bill and got change back so that makes sense.  Again we wish we would of had more pesos instead of being hit with the exchange twice for the 3 weeks.

We walk to the Carmelitas again and we are welcomed and take four lounge chairs and two umbrellas facing the beach.  It is so beautiful here.

We get a bucket of beer and two margaritas! 

We spend the next four hours or so chatting with Lydia and Marco and enjoying the tranquility.  We do get some food but not much.

One tip is make sure you get the menu and keep it to track what you are spending. Again when you see the bill you may want to double check that they have not overcharged.

Aroung 2:30 we start making our way back to the ferry and there is a ferry that is just about to leave but waits for us.  The ride across the channel takes maybe five minues.

Note you can take a taxi to Stone Island (which is really a peninsula).  But a taxi will take a long time as it has to travel all away around the harbour and will cost a lot of money.

If you want to travel into town it is easy too and walkable.  In fact they have made it easy for tourists to head into town by painting a Blue Line on the sidewalk as soon as you exit the pier that leads you to downtown. 

Also there are many expat volunteers at the gate that can answer your questions without any pressures - seek them out.

Once back on board we shower and decorate the bottom of our shower with sand.  Bernie falls asleep while I read.

Tonight is the Most Travelled Cocktail Party and this voyage we have moved up again we are the fourth most travelled couple.  The party is like the other two, but the best part about the party is Colleena who is a hoot!  This time we get a picture wtih the new Captain who just came on board Captain Pomata. 

We head to the Horizon Court afterwards and the theme tonight is Italian Night.  It is busy up here even at 8 pm.  Food is very good and the waiters are quite attentive and helpful.

After the meal we are up on the sun deck to partake in the Love Boat Disco Deck Party that is always a good time.  We dance the night away and even make it onto the Kiss Kam - and Lisa Ball even calls out our name when we appear!  She is a sweetie.

Sidenote: the Intertaional Cafe is improving.  The other day I noticed a Head Waiter down there directing staff and overseeing them.  It improved imensely.  The staff are good but they need direction.  Lets hope it continues.

Duke our Cruise Director has fallen ill a few days ago and Lisa Ball the Entertainment Director had stepped in to take over. But today in Mazatlan Duke was sent home due to illness.  We wish him well.  A new Cruise Director will be coming on in Los Angeles.


  1. Has the dining room service improved this trip or not ?
    We are boarding on April 29 for the 6 Day Coastal to Vancouver.

    1. We haven't dined in DR for dinner but issues at lunch and breakfast are the same. Long waits for a table. Club class still pretty much empty waiters doing nothing while other sections are packed and run off their feet

    2. Thanks. i'm concerned that it will be that way for our April 29, 2017 cruise to Vancouver.

    3. Yeah could be needs change from above for sure. But it is inly a part of cruising and certainly did not impact our cruise too much. But i am in no rush to bok the ruby anytime soon. Crew are amazing though