Sunday, February 5, 2017

First Sea Day

Bernie is up very early today and is showered and dressed by 7:30.  I just stare and say I will relax in the cabin while he heads out to get breakfast.

I forgot to mention that we went to see Colleena our Captain Circle Host and find out that we are #9 Most Travelled this voyage.  I am not sure what the cut off is for the top 40, sorry.  I also let her know that our loyalty credit did not get applied this cruise.  We get a $100 on board credit so it is important - you get $100 after sailing 51 times.

It is always interesting to be on the same cruise as a back to back to see what exactly is different from the first cruise.

There are some new crew members.  Also the party band has changed; Starwave joined yesterday.

Also a new group of Princess singers and dancers joined yesterday and will be rehearsing all week and will be on their own next sailing.

Today Magic to Do is in the theater instead of last formal last week.

Of course today is also the American Super Bowl game.  It is being shown in Explorer's and MUTS and in the Casino.  Pre game show is in Club Fusion as Explorer's is being used earlier in the day for the Art Auction and it takes time to break down.

The Casino is doing a Big Game Score Pursuit -- pick a square, hit the right score and for a $10 bet win up to $300 instant cash.

The game is early as we are use to be on the east coast so it is later then.  Today it starts at 3 pm.  Note none of the commericals can be played from the satellite due to rules.

But we don't follow football so we will be dining in the dining room.

Also happening today is Zumba, Muts is showing Galaxy Quest, Pop Choir Sign up, Trivia, Shopping Spotlight Show, ping pong challenge, fruit and vegetable carving demo, digital camera scavenger hunt, line dancing and so much more.

Our day was relatively quiet.  Coffee, crosswords, reading and chatting with friends.

The International Cafe Coffee bar is still having problems.  Staff levels seem to be fine but rarely do we find someone to order from.  So we usually end up getting in line and getting our drinks.  But the coffee is good and the staff and food at the IC are very good.

We decide to have lunch in the dining room which was very good - Thai Soup and the burger and fries. 

There was no pub lunch today because of the big game. It will happen tomorrow.

After lunch we decide to head up to the Sun deck as it has gotten nicer and the wind has died down a bit too.  We sit right behind the Sanctuary and it is perfect.  At first I needed a jacket but it then got quite warm and even got a bit burned.

Around 3 we head back to the cabin to relax.  It is crazy busy at the MUTS pool as the game is being played there as well as Explorers.

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