Saturday, February 4, 2017

Last Sea Day - Friday

I did not sleep well last night.  I woke up at 2:30 am and was wide awake for two hours. Just not tired!  So I read until my eyes kept dropping and I could fall back asleep.

But needless to say when Bernie woke around 8 he got dressed and went out.

I didn't actually get up until 10:30.  When I showered and dressed and met up with Bernie in the International Cafe.  Still having issues there.  The wait staff seem to wander around but not taking many orders.  So we line up and get a drink -- which is much faster.  But it is too noisy here so we head up to Crooners and sit and read and do crosswords.

Around noon we heading to the dining room for lunch.  We unfortunately get there at 12:15 and ask for a table for two.  This ship does not have as many tables of two - really miss the Royal that does have lots.  Also this dining room has the Club Class dining so a fifth of the dining room is closed off to tables for the rest of us. 

We have to wait for a table for around ten minutes but we don't mind.  However as we walk to our table we see all the empty tables in Club Class and it just seems to be a stupid idea.

We sit and our poor waiter is slamed and so busy.  The food was very good - especially loved the white bean soup.  But we had soup and an entree and gave up waiting for our dessert as we had allready been there for over an hour.

I don't blame the servers, I blam the staffing people as these servers have too many tables and not enough help.  Sadly to save money the service suffers.  With the waiters in Club Class just standing around twiddling their thumbs because they don't have many tables.  What is wrong with this picture?

After lunch we do a little window shopping in the stores.  Lots of things for sale. 

We meet up with Paula for the Movies Poster Trivia where we do okay and enjoy it but did not win.

Bingo is right after and it is the big one so crowds rush in right after. 

I head to Afternoon tea with Paula and some her friends she has met on board.  It was great food, especially loved the egg salad sandwiches and the scones were perfect, soft, hot and yummy.

The Most Travelled this voyage is Mr and Mrs Simons from Utah with 1573 days! 

The clocks go back an hour today - but we will keep them on the hour forward as it changes back the first day again.

I should add the weather is cloudy but very sunny but strong winds.  There are people out on deck but it is cooler as we approach LA.

Other things happening Zumba, Culinary Demo, Onboard Outlet Sale, Trivia, Golf Putting Challenge, Photo Raffle, Buzzwords Game, Movie Jack Reacher: Never Go Back in the Princess Theater, Ballroom Blitz Dance Class - Cha Cha, Pictionary Challenge, Art Auction, Pin Pong Challenge, You'll Be the Judge Gameshow, Walk for the Cure, Movie Poster Trivia, The Touchdown Game, Now You See Me 2 on Muts, Wine Tasting, Name That Tune Challenge.

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