Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Puerto Vallarta

Happy Vallentine's Day.  Last night on our pillow as a card from Princess and two of the heart shapped chocolates.

Again this week we wake around 9:30!  Seems every PV day we sleep in.  We don't dock till 10 am but we arrive early and we get clearance around 9:50. 

The ship is decorated with hearts and Valentine decorations all over.  It is lovely and festive.  We have been handing out Valentine treats all week to the crew.

We head ashore around 11 and walk out to the WalMart to the bus stop to Bucerias.  As soon as we arrive there is a bus there and it is one of the AC buses.  Cost to Bucerias is 16 pesos each - just under a dollar each.

One thing we would do differently next time we sail to Mexico we would definately get Pesos.  Currently we have been using US dollar which is widely accepted.  Current exchange rate is 20% so $10 equals 200 pesos.  Exchange rate though at stores, restaurants, taxis etc varies from 18 - 13% ! 

Sure if we were just down for a week with three stops we probably would of just kept the US dollar but with 9 stops in Mexico we should of just gone to a bank and taken out Pesos.  Which would of been so much easier than working out the conversion all the time.

Right now we are converting Canadian to US (as US is used on ship) and then converting again to Pesos.  But again if you are American and coming here just for the 3 port stops you can easily get by with American you just will be dealing with poor exchange often.

Okay back to today.  We board the bus to Bucerias (it has Bucerias written on the side of the bus or windshield) which then goes to Sayulita.  It takes about 40 minutes to get there (still working on building that overpass).

We get off right near the square and we walk down to the beach and head back to El Buro where we went a few years ago.  We sit at a table that has an umbrella and a lounge chair. 

We order drinks and some food and enjoy the scenery.  The water is perfect - warmer than Mazatlan was a few weeks ago. 

Here we are asked if we want massages, tattoos, horeseback riding, parasailing and shown pretty much everything to buy by sellers walking by.

When we get the bill we notice it is added up wrong so they correct it.  I am going to say it was an honest mistake but it seems to be a regular occurance in some countries.  They give us an exchange of 18% so in total we get have a great meal and drinks for $30 US.

We walk back to the main square where there is a taxi stand.  We ask how much is it to the cruise port - 300 pesos.  Okay and as we wait for the taxi another couple arrives and they are going to the Marina (very close to the port but before the port) and they are quoted 250. 

He tries to get all four of us into his taxi to share and we all said what?  He then says 250 each then.  We all shake our head and say no we won't get squished in the small car to save 50 pesos (although the other couple would still pay the same). 

It is always hard when you are travelling because you just don't know what to expect in price. Or if you are being taken.  Although the price was minimal here it adds up.

It is just hard to know what a regular rate should be as they don't often post prices.  But always make sure you ask the price before you get in.

Well we are in the taxi and we are off and OMG it reminded me of the crazy ride from Port Everglades in Florida to the airport one time.  This driver was in and out of traffic all the way.  Took no time at all - maybe 20 minutes! 

We are dropped right off at the entrance to the pier and we wind our way thru the port - note they check your cruise card and your bag at the gate.  Then the ship checks your card, bings you in and checks your bag too.

Back in the cabin we shower and create a beach in the base of our shower.

We feel so much better after the shower and cleaning off all the sunscreen, salt, and sand.

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