Saturday, February 4, 2017

Last Sea Day Evening

Last night and lots happening still. 

Tonight there is the Princess Pop Choir Perfromance, Jewish Sabbath Service, Voice of the Ocean, Muts is showing The Magnificent Seven, The Oceans Trivia, Day of the Dead Festival, The Blank Gameshow, Concert Pink in Melbourne.

The Buffet is featuring a Mongolian BBQ Buffet.

They are offerring Last Day Internet Access of 15 minutes for $8.99.

We head up to the Platinum Elite Lounge (first time up there this cruise).  Where we run into Ginny and Ali and get to catch up with them.  Haven't seen them much this cruise.  It always surprises me how you can be on one ship and not run into people or always run into others.

I ordered a mojito and noticed later that I was charged just over $8 for the drink.  Normally this is one of the elite lounge drinks for $5 but I will check the menu later for this 7 day voyage to see if it is one of the offerrings.  If it is they overcharged me, if it isn't then it is charged at regular price.  Either way I will just leave the charge as is as it is not worth dealing with on the last morning of the cruise.

You really feel the vibration at the aft of the ship, in fact you feel it on all Crown Class ships at the aft.  One reason we never book at aft cabin.  And the higher you go up the more the vibration is felt and skywalkers is really noticeable.

There is definately more movement today heading back to LA and as Ginny says (that I thought was so cute) is it is because we are heading up to LA uphill. 

So yes there is more movement with regards to the seas too today but really minimal and I love the movement, just enough to know I am at sea and to rock me to sleep.

After drinks Bernie and I head to the Horizon Court for dinner.  Tonight they are featuring Mongolian buffet at the Cafe Caribe - note the Horizon Court buffet is offering a standard selection including some amazing mussels.

For the Mongolian buffet you pick a plate and select all your veggies and then your protein and then rice or noodles (or both if you wish) and they stir fry it for you and deliver it to your table.  It is so good!

Not really sure what we want to do tonight.  Not too much happening and we are both tired and you can really feel the ship winding down as groups gather for that one last drink.

Voice of the Ocean is happening but it is really early tonight and we miss it.

Up at Crooners Bernie gets his Bugsy drink for his dessert and we get the chance to say goodbye to many of the people we have gotten to know this trip.  I know some will be long term friends.

But as the night progresses we both agree to just head back to the cabin and watch a movie - Finding Dory.  We are both asleep by 10 pm.

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