Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday January 21, 2015 Evening

Well Bernie napped, I didn’t.  It is just about sailaway and I thought the lighting is perfect and the cloud cover will make for some amazing photos.  

But up on the deck the Captain plays the horn – the Love Boat Theme and The Carnival Breeze is next to us and the ship is very large.  

They do seem to have a strange top deck, well maybe strange isn’t the word for it, it is just busy with a large slide and then a kind of swinging bridge thing.  The aft area is packed with people around the small pool.  But many are waving to us and we wave back.

DJ Shea is playing up on the deck for sailaway with some great tunes and well I can’t help but dance on the spot. 
I run into Roy and Sandra and we chat for a bit and agree to meet up in the elite lounge later for Mojitos.

When I get to the room Bernie is awake and we have our Captain Circle invite, but it is for the day after tomorrow which is our Wine Maker’s Dinner.  So I pop down to see Federico who is our Captain Circle Host.  He actually acknowledges me personally as I arrive but since he is talking to another couple I just stand back.  This other couple is complaining about a few things that are totally out of Federico’s control but he patiently listens and totally focuses on them and how he can make it right.  Wow I could never do that job.  When I do talk to him about changing the time for our invite he informs me that there will be another Captain Circle Party the next sea day too so we are now scheduled for that one. 

We are back in the room dressing for drinks and then dinner.  The Platinum Elite Lounge is hosting Mojitos and I get two.

Inna pouring Bernie his wine

Dinner we are back in the dining room with Daniel and Inna and Franco is manning the Banana Foster station. 

The dinner menu is one that I like but oddly I like it because I love all the starters but not so much the entrĂ©e.  Daniel makes me laugh cause he says he will take care of it and he does.  He brings me the beef satay, then a great dish – plantain with guacamole.  So good, I know it sounds odd but it is so great, try it.  He then brings me a small serving of the pasta Carbonara and that was so good too. 

Franco doing up his Banana's Foster
Franco is prepping the Banana Foster – and when we glance over he is pouring the Rum in…. wow more rum! 

Have to say we have enjoyed every food item we have had on board, everything!  Sure sometimes on other ships something has been off or maybe not hot or too salty but so far on this ship it has been top notch.  How am I going to last 30 days! 

We finish dinner and stop into the Princess Live Theater to check out the Hollywood You show.  We catch the last bit of it and it seems funny but it is not really audience participation more watching only.  When the show ends people try to funnel out but there are people on each side of the door with only a small opening in the middle for us all to exit.  Not sure why people are just stepping aside so we can leave, then there is room for others to come in.  People can be funny. 

Jim Colliton is performing in the Princess Theater for the 10:15 show and we are impressed at how many show up for the show.  He is very funny, and I like that his humour is stuff we can all relate to and doesn’t put people down.  He is getting off soon so this is the last chance to see him. 

We are back in the cabin for 11 pm and we watch the wake show.  Lisa and Simone are hilarious together, I am really enjoying their show, but do miss when other ships head out around the ship to introduce us to behind the scenes.

We really like our cabin but it is a very noisy cabin and probably would not recommend it’s location.  You can hear the door slam on deck 7 aft to head out to the Promenade Deck if you cabin balcony door is open (this happens about every five minutes during the day) and keeps us away from sitting on the balcony for long.  You can hear whatever is performing in the Wheelhouse Bar and our neighbours (fingers crossed they are only on for one leg) love to listen to their tv at a high volume.  I now have to wear ear plugs at night.  But if that is my only complaint I really don’t have anything to complain about.

Other things happening around the ship: 
  • Bavarian Buffet – I  know this really isn’t entertainment but it is good and if you like German food I recommend it. 
  • The Waterfall is called Rain and runs every 15 minutes up on Deck 16.
  • Inner Mood Quartet is playing. 
  • Comedian Jim Colliton has three shows 7:00, 8:15 and 10:15.
  • Capriccio String Quartet are performing in the Wheelhouse.
  • LGBT gathering in Crooners.
  • Where in the World Am I Game Show.
  • Team Rootberry Jugglers in the Piazza.
  • New Deal (who just got on when we did) is very good and tonight theme is Beatles vs Stones.
  • Vocalist Sonia Selbie – although Patter says Comedian (but I believe or at least I hope it was a typo).
  • Bingo.
  • Trevor Cole is playing his steel pan in the Wheelhouse.

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