Saturday, January 17, 2015

Friday January 16 – Day in Fort Lauderdale.

When we awake we discuss changing rooms.  Bernie heads down and sees that Denise Miller is working again and she informs us that she will have a quieter room for us at 1 pm. Great!  

We enjoyed a lovely breakfast buffet in the hotel for $16.95 for the full breakfast.  Food was good, service was good too but it is nothing special but it fits the needs and is great for families.

Our game plan is now to get a coffee and I see that there is a Starbucks not too far and we agree to just walk there cause we need to stretch our legs a bit.  And the coffee hits the right buttons and I needed that caffeine to keep me going for the shopping we are doing next.

We actually we are not doing too much shopping today just picking up the essentials we need for the trip.  Often when we go for longer voyages like we are doing we pick up most of our toiletries here instead of lugging them from home so we save on weight.  So we bought things like shampoo/conditioner (mainly cause I like my own but the ship provides some) laundry detergent so we can do some loads on the ship.  Face cream, sun screen, lotion, wine, duck tape (to secure the bag) and we bought some Valentine treats since we will be on for Valentine’s day we thought it would be nice to get some treats for the crew.

Back at the hotel by 1 pm and Denise has arranged a move to room 704 which is at the end of the hallway and right away we notice how much quieter it is.  We both need a nap and I think we are trying to get use to the three hour time change too.  So let the vacation really begin, we are napping.

Tonight we are doing something extra special, we are heading out to see The Lion King and Broward Center for Performing Arts.  We bought these tickets a while ago when we knew we would be here for a few nights and saw that they had the touring show here.  But first we head to dinner off of 17th Street at Carrabbas Italian restaurant and it was very good.

The reason for coming over to 17th street is so we can get to Total Wine and buy some champagne.  Bernie picked up three bottles of the De Margerie Champagne he likes.  His sisters Karen and Brenda sent him money for his birthday and this is what he spent it on.  He will be enjoying them on the ship very soon.

We got to the theater an hour before and parked in the lot right across the street from the theater ($12 flat rate) and then had drinks in the lounge prior (ouch $11 for a small glass of wine – and served in plastic).  We had great seat and the show was AMAZING!  

What a great night!

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