Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Evening - At Sea

 Tonight is a formal night and we dress early and head down to the Atrium for a drink but the place is hoping and we sit in Vines but it is so busy and there is only one bar staff working along with the bartender that we ended up heading up to the Princess Live Bar on Promenade deck where it is so quiet and we sit and get a great drink and head into the Princess Live Theater for the Movie Poster Trivia.  There are not many playing but we have a good time with Geoff hosting.  We manage to tie with another couple and we loose in the tie breaker question. 

The Champagne Waterfall is happening tonight at 7:15 and the Atrium is busy, but it doesn’t feel as crowded as other ships cause it is so large and well laid out.  We are able to walk around easily.  We run into some friends and promise to meet up with them later.

Our table in the Symphony Dining room is waiting for us and our waiter Daniel and his assistant Inna greets us.  Daniel recommends a bottle of wine for us and sadly I can’t remember it, but it is from Peru and is a fruity full bodied white wine.  

For the special night the menu is unique and new.  Princess to celebrate their 50th Anniversary has items from the past five decades featured and we want to try some new things.  We start with an appetizer of pate with a small bowl of mushroom soup, next course is a pasta dish of ravioli stuffed with lamb and the sauce is rich and flavourful.  I loved that dish,  in fact that as an entrĂ©e would be great. 

Franco the head waiter comes by and we are happy to see him.  He fills us in on the special significance of the menu tonight and his recommendations.  When I tell him I wanted to do the Tuscan Wine Tasting but 11:15 is too early, he laughs and insists I do it next sailing (which I promise I will do) and explains how I can do it by eating something early and attending with a something in  my tummy ready for the wine!  He is so cute... 

For my main dish I have the turbot fillet that is served with asparagus and a potato mash.  Everything is so good!  

photo courtesy of Mary Jane Flynn

But then dessert comes and OMG I am in heaven!  A Norman Love featured dessert is served, a chocolate mousse with raspberry served on a shortbread like base and it is in the shape of a heart.  Darn I wish I would of brought my camera!  Thankfully Mary Jane from my Facebook Page shared her picture of it.  

We finish just in time to head to the main theater to attend the Production Show Colors of the World.  We are excited cause this is a new show and we LOVE IT.  It starts with one of the dancers saying we are all the same, we are all colors, we are all colors of the world.  The show is fast paced and fun, and your eyes dart from one side of the stage to the other to catch it all.  I am for sure going to come back next sailing to watch it again.  Boy these dancers/singers do an amazing job.

After the show we are making our way midship and run into some friends in Crooners and we stop for a drink, which ends up being two drinks and well we close the place down.  It is 1:30 am when we crash and we are feeling great!  We dock early in Antigua tomorrow but something tells me we are not going to be heading ashore too early. 

Here are some of the other things happening tonight:  MUTS Saving Mr. Banks (note the first run movies need to play in a public area before they can show them in the cabin), Piano Melodies with Nadia in Wheelhouse, Movie Poster Trivia, Captain’s Champagne Waterfall Party, LGBT Get Together, Name that Tune UnPlugged, Caribbean Evening Grooves with Trevor Cole in Wheelhouse, Juggling Team Rootberry, Party Band New Deal play the 60’s music, Celebrity Liars Club, Kory Simon Entertains in the Vista Lounge, Water Fountain – Frank Sinatra,  Production Show Colors of the World 7, 8:15 and 10:15.

This Ship is having the Buy One Get One Free drink special – First one is at 3-4 in Crooners Bar and then again at 11-Midnight in Club 6.

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  1. Hi Vickie, Isn't Franco just the best! When you have the Winemakers Dinner, I hope you have Franco as the head waiter. We enjoyed 2 Winemaker Dinners and a special "last night of the cruise" dinner he arranged for the small group of cruise critic roll call members we met and became friends with on the 2014 Spring TA and Baltic cruise. It was a lot of fun. And the wine Spellbound was featured at one of the Winemakers dinners....yum! Cheers! Joyce (from the Oct. 25 rollcall--outgate08)