Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday January 17, 2015

Hmmm what to do today.  We sleep in!  It is 9:30 when we wake, and I think our bodies have finally adjusted totally to the time change.  We dress and head out for breakfast and head to a diner that is nearby called Lesters on 136th Street.  Food/service and it’s ease of location fit perfectly.

We have decided to head back to Sawgrass to check out a few more stores since yesterday we didn’t have much time and plus both of us are looking for some more sandals.
Boy the mall is much busier today than it was yesterday, it is hard to find parking. 

First stop is Starbucks and we chat with a lovely lady who just came off a cruise who lives near Ottawa.  She is not looking forward to returning home and the cold weather.
We did manage to find some shoes and even some clothes, but after two hours here we are ready to leave.

I really need to get a pedicure before we get on so we managed to walk just down the street to the Nail Bar and pampered myself, and even Bernie got a pedicure which he loved.

We are hungry now, we haven’t eaten since breakfast and Bernie wants to go back to Smokey Bones for some ribs.  We know that there is one on University Blvd not too far from here.  We arrive shortly after 7 and we have to wait about 15 minutes for a table. 

We are sat and we order some drinks and share a salad and an entrĂ©e.  One thing we notice is serving sizes in the United States are huge and we often are full when sharing a meal. 

The food was great, service was lacking but it was crazy busy.  We toss around the idea of heading out to something else but both of us agree we are tired.  I think this jet lag and traveling from the North West is getting to us.  Another good night sleep and maybe a nice bath beforehand and we will be good to go tomorrow. 

You can tell we are both excited to get on board the Royal tomorrow.  Bernie is currently moving things around in his suitcase and making room for his new items.  Our friends Paul and Yvonne arrive later tonight from Edmonton and are staying at our hotel too.  We hope to meet up with them for breakfast, but if not we will meet them on the ship.

Also I don’t think I mentioned the other night, but the hockey arena is nearby and whenever the Florida Panthers play the away team stays at this hotel.  On Thursday night the Colorado Avalanche stayed here and saw many of the players the next morning.  Tonight the Panthers are playing the Edmonton Oilers and we are hoping to see some of the players in the lobby tomorrow.  Bernie is joking around saying he slept with the players from the Avalanche and the Oilers… yeah he gets around.

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