Sunday, January 4, 2015

Royal Princess Here We Come

Well here we come, but not for another two weeks.  Eight Working day, ten days before we leave.  But who is counting.  Am I the only one who counts down like this. Probably not but I am trying not to obsess.  

Friends at work keep asking "when is your next trip" and we say in two weeks, and then they ask "where to" and we say Caribbean... we don't like to offer up this info cause many of our friends give us a hard time cause we love to travel. We try not to say how long we are going cause then they bug us even more.  

For us travel is a priority and we make choices that enables us to travel like we do.  So when I am working the holidays when everyone else is off I have to keep reminding myself why.  When we have to shuttle each other to and from work cause we only have one car, I have to remind myself why.

Today we got our email with the details of who are Cruise Director is and I am excited cause it is Lisa Ball again.  We sailed with her on the Crown for 7 weeks and she is lovely. Many of my friends comment to us on how much we look alike.  Yeah I can see it, do you?

In this email we also found out that Federico Castro is going to be our Captain Circle Host and we sailed with him on the Caribbean a few years ago.  Federico is from Buenos Aries and is so nice and friendly and helpful.  

We are happy that we will be back with both Lisa and Federico but other than those two we don't know who else is on board.  But one of the fun things is to get on board and then start recognizing crew.

The itinerary is one we have done quite a few times.  We are staying on for a back to back to back (30 days).  Hey I think I can manage the Caribbean for 30 days, or at least I think I can suffer thru it.

this is our first and third leg (note third leg goes to Grand Turk)

second leg, but goes to Grand Turk instead of Princess Cays

Even though we have been to all these places a few times we are looking forward to trying some new things in some of the ports.  But some of the ports we are happy to just do what we have done before.

Stay tuned to see what we do in each port and what is new and what we have done before.  I will try and be as helpful and descriptive as I can be with regards to tours, locations, fares etc.  But if you have a question just post a comment at the bottom of the blog and I will respond when I can.  

So back to work and getting ready, what to bring and not bring.  We still haven't decided whether or not we will bring formal wear.  One thing for sure we will be bringing along our snorkel gear and our water floats.  One great thing about these itineraries is that they focus around us being in the water and pure relaxation.

We have quite a few things to do around the house before we head out.  Once again our friend is going to be staying at our place while we are away.  She is a student at a college that is walking distance to our home so staying here is a help for her while she is in her third year of nursing. Plus this gives her a bit of a chance to be independent.

So back to my countdown... I hope you follow along on our voyage.  And if you are going to be on board stop me and say hi.  Lets plan on drinks or maybe a lunch.


  1. I know you are going to have a fantastic cruise. I can see why people think you and Lisa are sisters. You both have beautiful smiles. Have a fantastic cruise and post lots of pictures. Take care, Lorraine & Tom

  2. Sounds like a great trip.
    Good to have someone at your place, when you're gone so long.

    We're doing the LA to Hawaii cruise in March, on the Grand. Our first trip to Hawaii.
    We're driving out from the Texas Hill Country. So, that'll make a three week trip, at least. We'll be depending on the kids coming by to check on things.

    Have fun. Keep us posted.

    1. yes we either always have someone at our place house sitting or we have neighbours looking in on the place. It helps we live in a condo and have an alarm system too.

  3. Have a wonderful time Vickie, will look forward to reading your blog, I have been reading your friends blog who are in the South Pacific. I'm looking forward to December when I can board a ship. Too far away, but still researching 2016, waiting for the last 6 months of 2016 to be available. Although Celebrity has theirs online. I hope I haven't bored you.

  4. Sounds like a great trip. I'd love to be on a ship with these ports. I've wanted to travel to Grenada for quite some time.