Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sea Day Evening – Formal Night

this year I turn 50 and so does Princess
I know it is a formal night but we did both formal nights last sailing and I really don’t feel like dressing up.  We dress smart casual and head down to Vines where Ryan serves us the rest of our wine from the other night.  And well it was so good that we ordered a second bottle. 

The champagne waterfall is happening and they are walking around with champagne and those amazing chocolate truffle pops by Norman Love. 

The officers are introduced and the Captain speaks a bit and I really am impressed because Captain Dino is seen walking around later on saying hi to everyone.  He wandered around deck 5, deck 6 and then deck 7.  That was nice and people really appreciated it.

We meet up with friends in Bellini’s Bar for some champagne and I am really feeling it so I insist we get something to eat.  Since we are not dressed formally we head to Alfredos for pizza.  We had a great time with friends Federico and Trevor and lots of great laughs. 

Federico and us enjoying some champagne at Belinis

It is getting late and as we head aft towards to the Vista Lounge and we see we are just in time for Kory Simon’s 11 pm performance.  Since is the last time we will get to see this show (as Kory gets off in Florida) we sit in and really enjoy it.  And of course his Elton John segment has us repeating the words not only that night but the next day too.

We crawl into bed just before midnight. 

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