Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Didn't Go To Work So I Must Be On Vacation

Oh how nice to wake up and not have to go to work.  And then it dawns on you -- I don't have to go to work for a MONTH!

Since we have Katrina staying here while we are away we made sure to wash all the linens and tidy the house.  

We left around 2:30 and after a quick stop for coffee we were on our way.  We live about an hour from the airport but traffic was crazy.

lobby - photo from Hotel's website

Bernie dropped me off at the hotel.  We booked the Fairmont Vancouver Airport to start the trip right.  Bernie went to park the car at a lot and I was met by a staff member at the curb to ask our name and radioed the front desk to prepare for my arrival.  Off went the bags, I proceeded to the check in desk.

As I walk in and that lovely smell that seems to relax you instantly with the dimmed lighting, the wood, the stone work and I am already at ease.  

Katrina at the front desk welcomes me and we chat and I find out she is originally from Maple Ridge. I tell her we are from Coquitlam and we chat a bit about our trip and how nice Maple Ridge is but how much more exciting living in the city is for a young lady like her.  She is a foodie and loves trying out new places.  I then tell her she should blog her experiences and inform her that I blog too.  

There is nothing nicer than arriving at a hotel and being made to feel so comfortable and at home right away.  Many hotels forget about this.  It is the little things and the Fairmont never disappoints.

Melissa has our bags and follows me up to our room.  We are in a room on the 11th floor with a beautiful view of the local mountains and the action happening right at the airport.  

Melissa points out the features in the room - I mainly need to figure out the lights cause there is a main console that will light up the lights.  Which is great but hard to read and really hard to use when it is dark in the room.  But no worry each room does have the "old fashioned" light switches too.

It is a big room, with a large bathroom, and check out this deep soaker tub that is calling my name. Huge walk in shower!  The room also has a Bose Sound System that is bluetooth enable, binoculars so you can check out the action at the gates.  Coffee maker and a kettle for tea. Plus nice terry cloth robes.

Once Bernie returns we head downstairs to the airport to grab something to eat.  We decided to eat Japanese at Hanami which is a sit down restaurant and I have to say I had my doubts as soon as we walked in.  I should of listened to my gut because cause it didn't improve.  

Food was okay, atmosphere was so so, certainly not a restaurant that I had hoped to see at an airport (other than fast food), and the service was no existent.  We had to constantly ask for things, water, more tea, had to flag her to get her to take our order, and then once again when we wanted the bill. So lesson learned but it is going to take a lot more than that to put a damper on my first day of vacation.

We walked to the Domestic terminal and wandered around some of the shops.  

What I always wonder is why are there shops that sell luggage?  Do people show up at the airport with their items in their hands and say "oh phew they sell luggage here I could use some".  Now I understand sometimes you buy too much stuff when you are away and could always use another bag, but don't you get that extra bag BEFORE you show up at the airport?

We decide to treat ourselves to a slice of cake from a bakery and to enjoy it in the room.  I got carrot cake and Bernie got key lime cheesecake.  Haven't eaten it yet so can't report, but if this blog ends suddenly you will know why.  

We return to the room to a surprise.  Sitting on the small table at the entry way is a plate with two cookies (spice) that are in the shape of planes, along with chocolate swirls and a chocolate dipped strawberry and Happy Birthday.  Beside it is a lovely note from Katrina at the front desk wishing Bernie a Happy Birthday and a pleasant voyage to the Caribbean.  How nice, and another touch that keeps us coming back.

So I am off to draw a hot bath and enjoy my carrot cake.  

Flight is at 7 am tomorrow and we don't get into Fort Lauderdale till just after 7 pm where we will pick up our rental car and head to the hotel near Sawgrass.  

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