Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Great Products to Help Deter Thefts While Travelling

Today I got my newest Pacsafe bag.  As many of you who follow our adventures know we swear by the Pacsafe brand.

Their items are durable, practical, and they think of everything.  Over the years their products have grown and now the options are endless.

I wanted to downsize my camera bag cause my old one was big and heavy and I just didn't need that much room.  Often I wanted to leave the bag in the cabin/hotel cause I didn't want to lug it around.  Also it just wasn't safe and had no anti theft features.

A few weeks ago one of my fans on my facebook page told me that they had a new camera bag.  So I ordered it and thankfully it arrived today just in time for our trip tomorrow.

I discuss and show the features of the bag in the video below on my youtube channel.  I also feature two other items, a portable safe and a retractable lock.  All items can be found at Pacsafe's website.


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