Thursday, January 22, 2015

St. Lucia January 22, 2015 – Day

Bernie is awake early, he has had a rough night.  Bernie’s right eye is really bothering him, he isn’t sure why, it is puffy and swollen.  So as we pull into St. Lucia at the “good” pier.  What I mean by good pier is that it has all the main shops (you know the standard ones, Diamonds International, Del Sol, etc).  There are quite a few ships in port with us, four ships are in port and a MSC ship is just outside the harbour having to tender people in.

The Medical Clinic opens at 8 am (located on deck four midship) and Bernie heads down to see Dr. Dylan Belton.  He is seen right away and after an examination Dr. Belton determines that Bernie scratched his cornea.  Some drops are prescribed and he has been given a patch for the eye for the next few hours so that the eye can absorb the topical ointment. 

He returns to the room and he is tired.  We originally had planned to go to Pigeon Island and the beach but I think this will change.  Bernie is tired and probably the beach isn’t the best idea. 

We head down to the International Café and Bernie has a nice cup of tea (great tea pots) and I have a cappuccino.    Bernie says he is going to head back to the cabin and sleep and I decide to just wander the ship and take pictures and enjoy the quiet on board.

The ship does feel deserted, especially inside.  This is a great time to wander and get indoor shots of the ship for my facebook fan page (Cruising Princess Cruiseline withVickie).

I sit outside of Princess Live in those large chairs, which I love cause you can really have some quiet time with minimal distraction.  I turn the chair to face the window and do some Sudoku.  I am getting hungry but I don’t want to eat too much cause tonight is the Chef’s Table.

I head up to the Horizon Court and Horizon Bistro, make sure to check out both areas cause they do offer different items in each.  I just get a sandwich and two cookies and sit and enjoy the view.

Bernie is still sleeping so I wander out to the open deck and meet up with friends Lynne and Jim in some nice chairs facing the port but when the MUTS starts up with a concert and it is hard to hear.  So I am heading to a quiet area and run into Sandra and Roy and they are in the full sun and boy is it hot!  At least 30!  We are doing the Chef’s Table with them.  After chatting with them for an hour I am getting way too much sun and I don’t have sunscreen on so I better head in.

It is 2:30 and I am tired now too – so Bernie heads out and I crawl into bed and sleep for two hours.

I wake rested and excited about the meal/experience tonight.  It is still HOT HOT HOT out and I am already a little red so I am staying inside.  I do wash a few items.  

Yeah I know I have laundry service with our elite benefits but experience has taught me that it is sometimes better to wash items by hand.  Or at least items that you don’t want to risk getting damaged. 

I did get to watch a nice movie today too called Chef.  I love this tv system, it is huge and I can easily pause a movie and come back to it when I am ready.

We are just pulling away from the pier right now.  The Captain has just come on in all the cabins to announce we are about to leave and where we are heading.  Tomorrow we are in Barbados bright and early.  Did you know that the Royal Princess is the largest vessel to call in St. Lucia, in fact yesterday in Antigua we are also the largest ship to call there too. 

So I am off to get ready for the Chef’s Table.  I am bringing my camera and will post a whole report later about it.  

To read about our experience at the Chef's Table click here 

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