Saturday, January 31, 2015



WHAT!  I am awake at 5 am…. I turn on my book light and stumble around the cabin to get dress and gather a few items to head out.  I head up to the top deck and if you have never been up this early you should do it one day if you can.  You would be surprised at how much is happening on board during the evenings.

The deck staff is washing down the entire deck.  It is windy and I try to walk along the sea walk but cautiously cause it is like a wind tunnel. 

I get quite a few good shots but time to head down to the Piazza to get my cappuccino. 

I grab a seat and relax and what is funny is out the window I can see land and it is so close.  It seems like we are going to hit it, but of course we are not.  Tracie (a fellow cruisers who also is doing a live thread) joins me and we chat about life, travel, family and of course cruising. 

I need to get a bite to eat and head up to the Horizon Court.  I see the waffles and I am just about to grab one when the chef comes up and says here have a fresh hot one.  Yummy. 

We docked early (7 am) but our plans are to meet up with friends just after 9 am to head to the beach.  So I am back in the cabin to slather on the sun screen and gather our beach items.

Today our goal is to head to Eagle Beach by transit.  It is very easy to do this. 

As soon as you head out of the gate walk to the main street and cross the street and this is the bus depot.   You can buy your return pre paid transit ticket right there.  Round Trip for us was $2 each way or $4 total.  You catch the number 10 bus, which runs quite often and follows a basic route along the many beaches. 

where we get off the bus

We got off at the Amsterdam Hotel and crossed the street.  A gentleman approached us and said he could set up some chairs for us wherever we wanted.  The chairs were $10 each and we set up just in front of the water.
The water was COLD but it didn’t take long for us to get use to it.

The afternoon was spent sunning, reading, playing in the water, walking and relaxing with our friends.  But a few hours later we have had enough and we want to be careful with the sun.  We did experience a few showers but they didn’t last long and it certainly got hotter as soon as the showers ended.

Back on the bus and back towards town.  We get off at the bus depot and then walk to the Renaissance Mall with the goal of getting a Starbucks Coffee but the line is long and just beside it is a gelato place and I see they have coconut gelato so instead Bernie and I grab some of that instead. 

We wander around a bit and then decide to head back on so we can get a rest before our meal tonight.

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